See How BrandDisco©’s tools support Military Hiring Programs on a National Level

In 2018, BrandDisco© entered a multi-year contract with Operation Good Jobs (OGJ), to help its Military Program Leaders, support Goodwill’s 2020 goals in serving 400 veterans & military family members into employment.

Additionally, BrandDisco© joined forces with Virginia Department of Veteran Services (VETE), Project Transition USA held at MacDill AFB, Job Search Master Class, Women Veterans Alliance (WVA) & other military readiness efforts.

To support hiring missions, Military Program Leaders have adopted BrandDisco©’s automated Personal Branding Assessments and career readiness systems to help better prepare military job seekers for their civilian transitions.

  • BrandDisco©’s career readiness systems, means Military Program Leaders are able to instantly discover their military candidates’ best professional value propositions and culture fits before the first meeting.

  • BrandDisco©’s instant results, also provides Military Program Leaders with their military job seekers’ Top 5 Take-a-ways & the best ways these values should be presented to key decision makers to increase their chances of success.

This level of, early & often, Personal Brand insight, enables Military Program Leaders to quickly assess massive amounts of military talent in one setting, while simultaneously offering military job seekers more clarity, confidence & competitive advantage as they engage the civilian workforce.

Whether you are hiring military, or helping military get hired, GET STARTED TODAY using BrandDisco©!




  • Highest Success Factor-Traits which reveal where your veteran thrives, relates & excels most.

  • Best Value Proposition-The value & worth of your veteran’s Success Factor to your company.

  • 5-Top Take A Ways-Five blurbs briefly summarizing your veteran’s top traits.

  • Problem Solving Approach-The approach your veteran prefers to use to bring-about solutions.

  • Recent Success Story-A recent meaningful success story in your veteran’s own words.

  • Project Work Styles-The project types and team environments your veteran works best in.

  • Social Passion Interests-Social hobbies, passions or pastimes of interest your veteran enjoys most.

  • MOS Conversion-Translates how your veteran’s military experience converts into civilian terminology.

  • Biggest Benefit Contributor-Describes the best way your veteran can benefit your company.

  • Collaborative Value & Culture Fit-The power your veteran brings to the table when paired in groups.

When you sign up with BrandDisco©, you’ll receive…

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  • Customized Link- Perfect for employer branding or consistent messaging, you’ll be provided a customized URL for users to access BrandDisco©.

  • Instantly Emailed Reports- Full back-end report emailed directly to you within minutes after your candidate completes BrandDisco©.

  • Leader’s Guide & Training Overview -Brief & relevant to how your team wishes to use BrandDisco©, e-learning, virtual and/or onsite training support are available.

  • 1-Page Action Guides- Great for 2-way feedback, or independent review of your candidate’s BrandDisco© results.

  • Case Studies- Introduce new concepts by learning a number of ways others have had success with BrandDisco©.

8-Reasons To Say Yes


Automates your initial interview process
Reduces your manual labor & effort
Cuts down on candidate discovery times by 50%
Delivers instant results enabling swifter action
Provides a polished & professional summary of your candidate’s best values
Enables a one to many model, assessing multiple candidates at a time
Increases your speed & decision delivery times up to 3x’s faster
Collects, builds & stores all of your candidate’s data in one place