BrandDisco© is helping professionals develop and advance at a faster rate of speed

  • Designed to make talent evaluation and advancement a faster, simpler and overall better experience for companies who wish to focus on developing and promoting great talent, BrandDisco© is your one-touch access, faster and simpler solution.
  • BrandDisco©'s automated discovery tool provides Talent Managers and Team leads with immediate insights and specific examples of how their team members provided value to the organization over a 12-month period.
  • Results are immediately produced via an emailed report to your email promoting on-demand feedback, either candidily or for one on one review.

Use BrandDisco© for: 

  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Career Coaching
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Interview prep classes

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Become a BrandDisco© account holder today!

Features include: 

  • New account set up with immediate access to auto discovery platform
  • Unique personal URL link to distribute to your users
  • Brand customization of BrandDisco© assessment landing page to align with your company’s look and feel
  • 50 minimum qty, automated BrandDisco© assessments *re-up as you go
  • Instant feedback full results with mobile accessibility
  • Pipeline builder with lead generating data base
  • Coaching tool-kits uniquely designed for one on one mentorship or large group workshops (2 pgs. kit)
  • Complete user personal branding report used as self help coaching tool
  • Leader's Training Guide
  • Monthly or quarterly reporting of your transitioning veteran statistics, and analytics

Benefits Include:

  • No set up costs
  • Pay as you go flexibility *minimal qty of 50 assessments
  • No contracts
  • 24-7 BrandDisco© platform accessibility
  • Customer Service access Monday-Friday
  • BrandDisco© certified resume writers, training experts and career coaches available with ability to secure additional support as desired.

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