BrandDisco© works with companies to build custom culture fits

  • Whether your company's looking to source, screen or acquire new talent, BrandDisco© is your one-touch access and faster solution so you can make more decisions in less time.
  • Our reports provide the highest and best candidate value propositions with insights on how you should maximize those benefits for the role in question, including how they fit into your culture.
  • Results are immediately produced via an emailed report to your email promoting on-demand feedback, either candidly or during a one on one interview.

Use BrandDisco© at various stages of your talent-acquisition process: 

  • After the resume submission to determine if you will extend a phone screen. 
  • After the phone screen to determine if you will extend an in-person interview
  • After the in-person interview to determine if you will extend an employment offer.
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Become a BrandDisco© account holder today!

Features include: 

  • New account set up with immediate access to auto discovery platform
  • Unique personal URL link to distribute to your users
  • Brand customization of BrandDisco© assessment landing page to align with your company’s look and feel
  • 50 minimum qty, automated BrandDisco© assessments *re-up as you go
  • Instant feedback full results with mobile accessibility
  • Pipeline builder with lead generating data base
  • Tool-kits uniquely designed for notating feedback during an interview
  • Leader's Training Guide
  • Monthly or quarterly reporting of your transitioning veteran statistics, and analytics

Benefits Include:

  • No set up costs
  • Pay as you go flexibility *minimal qty of 50 assessments
  • No contracts
  • 24-7 BrandDisco© platform accessibility
  • Customer Service access Monday-Friday
  • BrandDisco© certified training experts, consultants and career coaches available with ability to secure additional support as desired.

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