BrandDisco© offers an automated talent discovery solution uniquely designed for Veterans which enables companies to instantly translate military skills into high-impact civilian workforce success.


Through its short-automated discovery assessment, BrandDisco©’s instant feedback results produce a large amount of introspective data on 1 report which can be used for Veteran career coaching, hiring, development and more.

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In 2018, we launched the Power Up© Program for Veterans to help companies meet their hiring initiatives by providing organizations with direct access to BrandDisco©’s automated discovery technology and instant feedback results accompanied by our 4-part toolkits.

Equipped with BrandDisco©’s easy to use tools, this 4-phased program offers companies the ability to discover and develop talent at any point within the first 12 months of the veteran’s career transition.

Since Power Up© is a 4-phased lifecycle program, companies have the flexibility to use itemized phases as applicable or use the full program as a holistic linear solution.

The BrandDisco© Veteran’s discovery assessment was easy to take, simple to understand and does a great job of translating hidden values.
— — Carl Savino, Author / Founder & President of Corporate Gray‍‍‍‍‍‍

See what other Veterans had to say...

[BrandDisco© for Veterans] is quick and easy and it told me how my military experience and my life experience could be used to get my ultimate job in any company I choose. I’ve been out of the military for a while now and I wish this test had been available to me at that time. If you are military or getting ready to exit the military, please take this test!! You will be so glad you did!
— Cat Corchado, U.S. Air Force Veteran‍‍‍
The questions were great and the answers were thought provoking. I would recommend this system to Veterans and employers. These questions unlock the real value in hiring Veterans. Veterans are needed and BrandDisco is the tool that will increase the quality of your employers.
— J‍‍‍oie Cook, Army/Air Force and President of Hero's B.A.L.L Veteran Nonprofit Organization
I was able to take the veterans assessment online and found it quite user-friendly. We all have busy lives but I challenge you to take a moment for this one. It’s 8 questions long. The readout from the response, which is immediate, is so incredibly well thought out and takes all of your positive aspects and reveals them to us so that we can utilize and improve how people see us. There is no wrong answer just your answer. These strengths perfect for resume question bank-populating. These are the traits that employers are looking for. That’s why I found this so unique, quick, to the point.
— Brenda E. Robinson, U.S. Navy Veteran (First Black Female Pilot for the Navy)
The BrandDisco© for Veterans assessment tool is simple to use and combines that simplicity with definitive accuracy. I recommend that leaders use this creative tool to quickly determine their own inner core persona and use it as a gauge to review the characteristics of their teams. An ingenious tool!
— Terry Budget, U.S. Army Veteran, Published Author & National Keynote Speaker

Thrive-Inspired Tools©, is an entirely new category of technology solutions that BrandDisco© is pioneering to help companies colorize in minutes what's not as clear as black and white.

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