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Partnership, is the number one reason our happy customers keep returning back. More than a transaction, we listen, observe and incorporate those goals, since we value long-term relationships which allow our dedicated trainers to support the dynamic needs of leaders and teams as they continue to grow and evolve.

We believe there is no one size fits all and instead, strive to make every training opportunity a purpose-driven relevant experience with proven results.

To support this, we deliver a winning leadership development framework known as the “5-A’s” (i.e. Assess, Analyze, Action, Accountable, Audit, etc.) around 5-Centers of Excellence designed to support an evolving modern workforce.

5 Centers of Excellence to meet client needs


Our team is also happy to accommodate your custom training needs to help you achieve the results you desire.

All trainings include 1-2 Certified Instructors, Participant Materials & Data Intelligence Reports.

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Career Readiness: Our certified trainers will introduce your people to new possibilities by helping them discover their personal brand’s unique values, how it all aligns with their career goals & strategies for effectively presenting those top take-aways to key decision-makers in less time!


Professional Development: Your best talent is always looking to be better. Let us guide your people through exploring how to use their soft-skills in new ways to become immediately more effective in their careers, ideal ways to include those values within a team environment & potential areas of opportunity!


Leadership Development: Which leadership styles do your leaders naturally possess & what are its impact to those they support? These are the types of questions our team will help answer, including guidance on how your leaders can effectively relate, motivate & leverage team members with different working styles!


Team Building & Culture Fit: We can help your teams discover their diversified soft skills, various working styles & how it can be used more inclusively to promote the success of the greater mission. Our expert trainers will deliver this through highly engaging, immediately effective & fun learning experiences your teams will enjoy!


Conflict Resolution: Let our proven certified trainers help you immediately reduce workplace conflict by pin-pointing the root cause of the differences, highlighting similarities in styles and issuing guidance on the most effective strategies for overcoming, or managing those differences!


Customized Training Requests: As your learning & development needs evolve, we can help support those initiatives through consulting, creating, or facilitating your company’s next training. We have a proven track record for partnering with clients nationwide in areas of Sexual Harassment, Diversity & Inclusion, Data Retention, Stress Management, Sales Trainings, etc. Let us make a believer out of you!

We provide team building & culture fit workshops for corporations, specialty groups & niche markets

Our dedicated team of BrandDisco© engagement experts will lead your groups and organizations through an interactive Personal Brand discovery and development experience using our automated technology & proven tools!

  • Transitioning Veterans who experience this workshop will immediately learn how to think of themselves as a Personal Brand as they market their unique value proposition and engage the civilian workforce.

  • Military Spouses who experience this workshop will instantly discover their biggest contribution to any company including how to transfer the same qualities of being a supportive spouse over to being a stupendous employee.

  • Leaders who experience this workshop will immediately discover how to use their best value more effectively to make a bigger impact within their current roles and to enhance co-working relationships. 

  • Entrepreneurs who experience this workshop will instantly learn where they are different from others in their same industry and how to use that difference as a competitive advantage amidst a saturated market.

  • College Students who experience this workshop will discover how to use their best values and passions to accelerate their goals and build an EPIC Personal Brand within an evolving college culture.

BrandDisco©’s team of experts are here to provide you with the expertise you need to get faster results.The advantage of using our in-house team, is that researching where people thrive, who they attract and how they excel is our full time mission. This means we have a more intimate understanding of performance driven behaviors than our competitors with an insatiable appetite to help y‍‍‍our team(s) succeed.

How We Deliver ‍‍‍

  • Half Day. Great for workshops, organized forums or lunch and learns, our half day Training Solutions are a potent, high impact and effective way to accomplish your training goals in a tactical manner.

  • Full-Day. Our full day Training Solutions are a great way to get intimately involved with the goals of your leaders and teams providing undivided, dedicated and strict attention to accomplishing the results you desire.

  • Multiple Consecutive Days. Perfect for coordinating and accommodating the schedules of busy leaders or larger teams, our multiple-day options are a great way to ensure learning and messaging continuity are effectively embraced.

  • Customize. Not really sure yet, what the delivery looks like? No problem. Our team is willing to learn a little more about your needs and work with you to determine the best course of action, whether it’s recurring, extended or adhoc.‍‍‍

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