Eleven personal brand values revealed in each report


Attract and acquire your talent simpler, faster and better:

  • Use the BrandDisco© report to save you time and effort by discovering in minutes how your candidates differ from others with similar backgrounds, if and how their value-proposition align with your role and the best ways to apply that value to meet your objectives. All before the first call.

Promote Mass Cultural Fluency with Long term Inclusion

  • Use BrandDisco©'s state of the art Diversity and Inclusion at Work™ technology and tools which works by grouping your workforce by common interests, followed by discovering the diversity factors within each group. BrandDisco© can discover in minutes where thousands of employees within a mass population are equally different, instinctively the same and more powerful together.

Make year end evaluations a more inclusive and welcoming experience that promote 2-way conversations:

  • Use BrandDisco©'s reports to guide your team-members towards their next career steps or pin-point areas of opportunity. Once you discover where your people thrive, you can help them understand where they excel.

See just some of the values BrandDisco© unlocks for your team


1. Success Factor(s)- What are the key factors my people use to accomplish success and how are they the same or different from others within the group?

2. Value Proposition- What are the individual and combined value propositions of my people’s differences and how can we get the highest & best use of it in their roles?

3. Top take a ways- What are the brief bullet-points I can use to summarize my people’s different bene-factors?

4. Problem Solving Approach- What are my people’s different styles of problem solving & how can understanding this reduce conflict & improve communication?

5. Recent Success Story- What’s a meaningful recent occurrence in which my people achieved personal success & how is it valuable to their current or role in question?

6. Project Work Style- Do my people prefer to work on projects that are proactive vs. reactive in nature and how will this impact the engagement?

7. Passion Category Index- What types of special hobbies, past times or social activities do my people take interest in and can this be used as a motivating tool?

8. Competitive Advantage- How do my people see themselves as different from others in their same role & does that align with my objective in question?

9. Biggest Benefit Contributor- What do my people believe to be their biggest benefit to our organization and how does it differ from others being considered?

10. Compatibility Culture fit- How do I apply my people’s various Success Factors in a more inclusive way improving culture fit, compatibility & collaboration?

Quick, accurate and easy to use, BrandDisco©’s performance-driven automated discovery tool gives your company the ability to obtain right-now results, early & often. Discover in minutes what used to take hours accomplishing more in less time!

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