This DIY program is uniquely designed to help meet your specific Talent Development objectives and includes BrandDisco©'s automated assessments plus participant materials allowing your Talent Managers to carefully guide your employees through this 3-step easy to follow program. Our proven Talent Development Program strategically aligns with BrandDisco©'s reports and shows your leaders how to maximize its dynamic results to empower your teams through long-term measurable development efforts.

Use our Talent Development Program or secure the onsite help of our team!

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Whether it’s performance driven Professional Development, Career Readiness or Team Building, our proven group of expert trainers are equipped with the data and know-how to get the results you desire.

In a volatile global workplace, success can look equally different from employee to employee, which can be further complicated by adding to the equation, special initiative requirements, fast approaching timelines and supply and demand constraints.

 Therefore, when it comes to professionally developing your people, we believe you shouldn’t have to settle for a personality assessment alone, when you can have the personality, performance and passion index of your employees right at your finger tips.

Our performance –driven technology is designed to do exactly that further complimented by BrandDisco©’s team of professional trainers. The advantage of using our in-house team of experts, is that researching where people thrive, who they attract and how they excel is our full time mission. This means we have a more intimate understanding of performance driven behaviors than our competitors with an insatiable appetite to help y‍‍‍our team(s) succeed.

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Talent Development Program includes the following features

✔ Automated discovery assessment platform
✔ Auto generated instant reports for each employee
✔ General user Talent Development toolkits for Admin-users
✔ Reporting & analytics available to satisfy compliance requirements
✔ Customizable assessment options available
✔ Customer support Mon-Fri

✔ Hands-off easy to use custom link to send your employees
✔ Talent Development full training Program Assess, Action and Accountability workbooks per employee
✔ (Add-on Onsite Training Support) Learn how our team can facilitate the Talent Development full training program for your office

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