This DIY program is uniquely designed to help meet your specific hiring objectives and includes BrandDisco©'s automated assessments plus user materials allowing your recruitment team and hiring managers to perform a brief written analysis on each candidate or new employee. Our Acquire Right Program teaches your team to get the most from BrandDisco©'s results empowering them to hire smarter making better decisions in less time.

Use our Acquire Right Program or secure the onsite help of our team!

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In a competitive global workforce, success can look equally different from candidate to candidate, which can be further complicated by adding to the equation, special initiative requirements, fast approaching timelines and supply and demand constraints.

With this in mind, more and more Hiring Managers are redefining what it means to screen and select great talent. Considering these market complexities, we believe you shouldn’t have to settle for a personality assessment alone, when you can have the personality, performance and passion index of your candidates right at your finger tips.

Our performance –driven technology is designed to do exactly that. With our automated discovery assessments, we make talent acquisition a faster, simpler and better experience by providing you the early and often insights needed to make more quality decisions in less time!

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Acquire Right Program includes the following features

✔ Automated discovery assessment platform
✔ Auto generated instant reports for each candidate
✔ General user Acquire Right toolkits for Admin-users
✔ Reporting & analytics available to satisfy compliance requirements
✔ Customizable assessment options available
✔ Customer support Mon-Fri

✔ Hands-off easy to use custom link to send your candidates
✔ Acquire Right full training Program covering strategic right-fit hiring, capacity planning and career coaching components
✔ (Add-on Onsite Training Support) Learn how our team can facilitate the Acquire Right full training program for your office.

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