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2. Category Description: Designed for industry professionals who desire to discover & develop how to use their unique soft skills more effectively within their current roles, the trainings in this category, will help participants to add more value to their teams and build a clear actionable path to career advancement.

Category Review: Professionals who attended workshops within our Professional Development Catalog reported seeing their current careers from a newly inspired lens & were ignited to pursue advanced career paths as a result.

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Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Use your core strengths to become immediately more effective in your current role defining what success could look like if this were achieved.

b) Use your dynamic strengths to contribute, collaborate and engage with your greater team in more meaningful ways that bring lasting results.

c) Establish a future career path aligning your current talents, strengths and experiences to your next desired role including understanding the value you might offer in that next desired role.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Discover how you think, create and behave, its value to your professional career and impacts to those you serve or support.

b) Determine where you thrive, relate and excel professionally and how to align those strengths to your current or aspiring career.

c) Learn how to present & package your Personal Brand as a collaborator, contributor, mentor or influencer across multiple mediums on & offline.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Implement a successful mindset in the midst of a chaotic, unstructured or quickly evolving environment.

b) See beyond a one-dimensional view point and instead consider the impacts of duties outside of your role.

c) Manage the personal accountability of things within your control and learn how to adjust and pivot for things beyond your control leading to more peaceful successful outcomes.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Understand the impacts of change through socially relevant real examples of the evolving world around us.

b) Determine the reasons why people resist change including the three different change management personality types of everyday people.

c) Identify your individual change management personality and ways to improve upon it and overcome anxieties brought on by change.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Understand the importance of work-life balance and its impacts to the success of your career.

b) Assess your current work-life balance score and identify potential areas of opportunity.

c) Discover the stress triggers and behaviors which compromise work-life balance and learn how to manage through them.

d) Define your work-life balance vision and set actionable goals for achieving this.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Understand the importance of constructive feedback in a professional co-working culture.

b) Provide constructive feedback to a peer using winning expert strategies and techniques that reduce hostility and provide real value instead. (When its helpful vs. hurtful).

c) Receive constructive feedback from a peer, or leader, in a positive manner to achieve more favorable outcomes for all parties involved.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Understand the importance of being an innovative professional in an evolving world and why success requires more than just being good at your job.

b) Discover why having a Big-Idea alone, is no longer as valuable as being able to move your Big-Idea past its inception, planning and implementation with the least amount of time, resources and finances.

c) Use Strategy, Relationships, Planning, Influence and Resources to move the needle further faster despite your role.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Present power messages verbally and virtually to appeal to external clients vs. internal teammates in a way which yields favorable responses.

b) Only present what’s necessary for next steps and avoid important points getting lost in the sauce of over-communication

c) Facilitate and broker a proper email introduction between mutual connections.

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