Administrative Professionals, have you ever been to a company networking event and had that one key person ask you what you do for the company and immediately you uttered off your title & job description?

What if we told you, that wasn't exactly what they were after.

 Instead, they were in search of something more dynamic, intriguing and something compelling that would leave a lasting impression with them.  Unfortunately, this happens more than you know. Professionals are given a chance to stand out, be remembered and get invited to more opportunities, yet blow the chance by down playing the significance of what they bring to the organization.

  Your work is WORTH more than you think, therefore through impactful workshop, we're going to show you how to turn Blah, Blah, Blah into BLOCKBUSTER memorable narratives that WOW!

We'll show you a no-fail technique for summarizing your current role in a way that sizzles so that you can stop selling your work short, and start winning by WOW'ing!

All participants will walk away with:

•A personal brand report that shows their professional value

•A new way to describe their  that WOW's

•A guide on when and how to use it more effectively


Webinar Start:


Meet The Presenters


Dawn Nicole and Demario Mcilwain, Co-Founders of BrandDisco© Technologies 


As heard on Sirrus XM and featured in the Charlotte Post, BrandDisco©'s Co-Founders and Personal Branding Evangelists, Demario Mcilwain and Dawn Nicole, are National Key-Note Speakers with Personal Branding Development and Marketing Strategies which span over 19 years!

This ambitious force to be reckoned with, are Certified Trainers and Published Authors, who has created a new-age tool, designed for new-age thinking, in a new era of relationship building and Personal Brand Marketing! Their creation uses a trademarked formula to produce easy to understand, simplified results that can provide one’s Personal brand value in a matter of minutes! Their vast client base spans CIAA, Goodwill, City and Government Officials, and more!

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