Veteran owned and operated, BrandDisco© is a performance-driven technology company, who specializes in helping you better understand where your transitioning veterans thrive, relate and excel in order to accomplish more results in less time.


We believe people give the most value in the same areas they get the most value. Therefore, in order to help your transitioning veterans achieve more success, you will need to know where they thrive, relate and excel. Since success can look equally different from person to person, BrandDisco©'s goal is to narrow down one's personal brand factors into distinctive resume-ready value-propositions which are easier to socialize.


Our mission is to make BrandDisco© a household name in the veteran professional community known for helping organizations better transform hidden military values into high impact civilian success.

BrandDisco© aims to help companies colorize in minutes, what's not as clear as black and white.



Innovation: (Something New) At BrandDisco©, we don't believe in reinventing the wheel, we believe in making better wheels. Not only is innovation a driving force and core value within our company, it's a key element we look for when selecting our clients and the partners we align with.


Diversity: (Something Different) BrandDisco© strongly believes in the value of difference, as different results require diversified people, perspectives, and partnerships. Diversity is also the driver of BrandDisco©'s automated talent assessment used to quickly discover differences among surface-level similarities highlighting the dynamics of one's talents, values and communication styles including its power during collaboration.


Thrive: (Vigorous Growth) At BrandDisco©, we know there's everything we can do vs. those things we love to do! Getting to the love to do faster, is the fuel that drives the thrive and we are insatiably crazy about staying in the thrive zone! As a result, BrandDisco© supports partners, people, and products that help others thrive!