The Ultimate Personal Branding, 5 in 1, 60-Minute Online Course

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive, convenient & results driven online course to help your learners get career-ready faster, BrandDisco©’s got you covered!

We offer The Ultimate Personal Branding, 5 in 1, 60-Minute, Online Course, spanning five critical areas of Workforce Development in today’s evolving job market!

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You Have Flexibility to Administer this 60-Minute Course in 1-Setting or Per Module

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This 6-Module Course Covers multi objectives

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  • Module 1: Understanding Personal Branding in a Modern World

  • Module 2: Why Personal Branding Matters

  • Module 3: When Personal Branding Matters

  • Module 4: Discovering Your Personal Brand via BrandDisco©’s Discovery Assessment

  • Module 5: Understanding Your Personal Brand Results

  • Module 6: Applying Your Personal Brand in Real Time to Real Actions


Perfect for Group Workshops, or Individual Usage, Your People Will Learn:

•How to Identify & leverage their competitive advantages to support their career goals

  • How to craft more persuasive email introductions to potential employers to get faster responses

•How to create more effective social media follow ups to key contacts with confidence

•How to present more effective elevator pitches when networking

•How to exude poise and present value-add talking points when interviewing to keep them top of mind

•And so much more

Through this course, your learners will receive step by step, simple instructions, necessary to solidify their understanding around how to use their Personal Brands, Soft-skills & Top Strengths to help them get clearer, noticed and hired 50% faster!

Through this course, your learners will receive step by step, simple instructions, necessary to solidify their understanding around how to use their Personal Brands, Soft-skills & Top Strengths to help them get clearer, noticed and hired 50% faster!

What this course includes for your people:

  1. 6-Video Style Modules— Your Learners will have complete flexibility to review each module independently, or holistically; in an hour-long setting.

  2. Instructor notes — We’ll provide informative instructor notes, as guidelines and talking points, so that your people can apply what they’ve learned like a pro.

  3. Video Testimonial Clips — We’ll include success story clips, showing results from past learners to promote early buy-in & participant interest.

  4. A Personal Brand Discovery Assessment - Your Learners will have a chance to take their personal brand assessment and get instant results during this course allowing for an interactive learning experience.

  5. An Instant Personal Brand Feedback Report- Your Learners will receive real-time ‘personal brand insights,’ giving them the winning pointers & verbiage they need to create & perfect their elevator pitch, email introductions, ace their interviews and much more.

  6. Practice Questions—We’ll provide a series of practice questions after each video to create an interactive learning experience that methodically walks Your Learners through each module ensuring they are fluidly following along.

  7. 5-Example Practice Exercises— Your Learners will receive 5 follow-along exercises in module 6, allowing them to demonstrate application of what’s being taught in real time so they can win like a pro.

  8. Certificate of Completion — Your Learners will automatically receive, a Training Certificate of Completion, at the conclusion of this course to save & store for their records.

Our Course Complements Your Objectives

See 7-Ways Our Courses Have You Covered:

✔Instantly automates your Personal Branding Training while still leaving room for your expertise

✔Reduces your manual labor & efforts by up to 50%

✔Includes BrandDisco©’s Signature Personal Brand discovery assessments automatically built in to training

✔Electronically delivers your people’s personal brand feedback reports & training certifications to your email

✔Enables you a one to many training model vs. a laborious, one at a time, approach

✔Includes reference materials, practice exercises and worksheets saving you time & budget

✔Collects & build your people’s statistical training data and analytics in one place

We have different versions of this training course to support the people you serve


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-Standard/Job Seekers?


-Military Spouses?

-College Students?

-HBCU Students?


-Athletes? (COMING SOON!)

How Licensing This Course Works

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When you sign up to license BrandDisco©’s Personal Branding Online Courses, we’ll give you the access & power to use this training, as your very own, at-will, and on-demand. All licenses are good for one calendar year, issued at the company level and will cover the quantity of courses you select. Including, if you increase quantities within the year.


Your organization is just 3 easy steps away, from licensing this course. As a licensee of this online training course, your company will receive its very own, personalized welcome page & training access portal, issued within 48 hours of signing up!

We’ll simply load-in the number of online trainings you desire and give you the complete access needed to administer the trainings to your people, as much, and as often, as you desire!

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The 8-Perks of Being an Account Holder

Outside of having awesome team support, as a newly licensed account holder of BrandDisco©’s Online Training Courses, your new company level access-kit will include the following 8-Perks:

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