Personal Brand Assessments for Entrepreneurs

Perfect for B2B Coaches, Consultants and Leaders who work with entrepreneurs, BrandDisco©'s instant personal brand discovery assessments will help you to immediately uncover your clients' best value-propositions, personal brand strengths and marketing messaging in minutes vs. hours.

Fast, reliable and simple to use, our assessments go beyond the surface providing you with the ability to determine in minutes how an entrepreneur's passions and skills can translate into more high-performing success.

Consisting of just 8-questions which immediately evaluate your client's best values, BrandDisco©'s technology delivers an instant Personal Brand report to your email that can be used for lead generation, hiring, professional development, performance evaluation and much more. Help your clients to open up more doors in less time, earn what they’re worth and create raving fans of their brands!

Order your assessments today and help your teams immediately translate hidden values into high-impact results!

                 $33.00 Per Assessment

               $33.00 Per Assessment


  • Success Factors
  • Value Proposition
  • Top Take A Ways
  • Problem Solving Approach
  • Recent Success Story
  • Project Work Style
  • Passion Category Index
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Biggest Benefit Contributor
  • Compatibility Culture Fit

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