The Charlotte Post: Couple mix, match secret sauce for business professionals Online tools pair work assets to business

Entrepreneurs Dawn Nicole and Demario McIlwain are showing businesses how to discover their secret sauce in both marketing and relationships as hosts of the talk show “Good Morning Success” and creators of “What’s Your Secret Sauce?,” a new-age tool for developing relationship and personal brand marketing.

BrandDisco© launches the 1st Translator for Entrepreneurs

If you work with aspiring or emerging entrepreneurs then you know the dream is exciting while building a matching brand can be a challenge. Our instant personal brand discovery assessments are designed to help you gain that early level of clarity needed to uncover your clients' best value-propositions & unique differences in minutes.

Dawn Nicole featured in Urban Tymes Magazine : Introducing Dawn Nicole: Secret Sauce Strategist and GrowGetter!

Dawn has recently added a new title to her portfolio, as Creator and Founder of the all new “What’s your secret sauce? ™” Tool! A new-age tool, designed for new-age thinking, in a new-era of relationship building and marketing! Her creation uses a trademarked formula to produce easy to understand, simplified results, that can provide one’s brand value in a matter of minutes!

Radio Interview: Business Growth Strategist Dawn Nicole Launches "What's Your Secret Sauce?" on FOXOLOGY with Silver Rae Fox

As an innovative cutting edge program, "What's Your Secret Sauce?" is designed to help individuals and corporations discover, develop and market their personal brand value, better than ever before by promoting confidence, clarity and competitive advantage! LISTEN HERE

Secret Sauce Growth Strategist Dawn Nicole Sets Launch on Innovative Business Development Tool, "What's Your Secret Sauce?™" Designed to Help Individuals & Corporations

As a Corporate Leader in Banking Technology by day, she was a corporate board room bandit who managed compliance issues for highly-visible projects. By night, Dawn Nicole was a creative-arts connoisseur, who produced and directed stage plays, short story films and romance novels. She spent nearly 20 years living a double-life while never quite understanding how her two worlds aligned and if so, what it all meant for her.