BrandDisco© Partners with Claflin University to Help Its HBCU Graduates Get Career Ready Faster.

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All new 5 in 1, Personal Branding, 60-Minute Online Course by BrandDisco©, will be used to help Claflin’s graduates obtain more career clarity, confidence & competitive advantage as they transition from campus life to the corporate workforce.

Fort Mill, SC., (September 10, 2019) — DeMario & Dawn Nicole McIlwain, Husband & Wife Co-Founders at BrandDisco©, a veteran owned company which offers signature online development tools for modern workforce leaders, is excited to partner with HBCU Claflin University for the pilot of its new automated Personal Branding Course designed to help graduates become career ready faster!

Recent studies show that a college degree alone is no longer enough to successfully compete in today’s evolving global workforce & instead employers have a growing desire to understand how candidates make decisions, innovate, manage change, etc.

By partnering with Claflin University, BrandDisco© will pilot its signature Personal Branding Online Course, which focuses on the many ways new graduates should present their top talents to key decision-makers & highlight their differentiating soft skills.

BrandDisco©’s vision is to eventually introduce this signature course across global workforce markets, however it was especially important to launch it with the HBCU market first, as a demographic which has demonstrated having a disparity gap in comparison to traditional universities.

As a result, and in alignment with Claflin University’s Mission, BrandDisco© is beyond thrilled to help Claflin better support those they serve.

Designed to take learners from beginning to winning, BrandDisco©’s signature Personal Branding Online Course, will guide emerging graduates through Understanding what Personal Branding means in an evolving world, Why & When Personal Branding matters, Real Time Discovery of their own Personal Brand, how to align their Personal Brand strengths to their career goals and will issue a final certification showing an ability to apply what’s been taught.

 "Earlier this year, BrandDisco©'s team, worked with Claflin Student-Athletes to garner early participation around taking the HBCU Personal Brand Assessment. Based on the large number of students who took interest, we’re excited to take this next step in offering the full 60-minute online course. We are pleased that BrandDisco© is offering this new training course to our Claflin emerging Graduates first." - Marilynn Stacey-Suggs

 “We believe Claflin University is the ideal partner for this pilot since their vision is to be recognized as a leading 21st Century institution of higher education, which is exactly the type of future-forward partners BrandDisco© supports,” said BrandDisco©’s Co-Founders, DeMario and Dawn Nicole McIlwain.

About Claflin University: Claflin University is a private historically black university in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Founded in 1869 after the American Civil War by northern missionaries for the education of freedmen and their children, it offers bachelor's and master's degrees. Visit their website:


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Black Owned Company Founded By Husband & Wife Team Creates Tools Helping Veterans & HBCU's Get Career Ready

New all-in-one digital training platform proves to help workforce leaders nationwide to give their people more competitive advantage through any career transition!


Fort Mill, SC.,  — DeMario & Dawn Nicole McIlwain, Husband & Wife Co-Founders of BrandDisco, a veteran-owned company which offers signature online development tools for modern workforce leaders, is excited to launch its new automated personal branding course, for job seekers in transition.

Founded in Dec 2016 & Established in February 2018, BrandDisco first originated from the couple’s Branding & Marketing Firm, where they helped professionals to develop & market their personal brand messaging.

Dawn Nicole, already a well-known Business Development Coach and Certified Agile Scrum Master with a background in methodologies and DeMario McIlwain, an Automation Developer & Digital Marketing Expert, joined forces to advance their product offerings and BrandDisco was born.

Quickly evolving from a professional service to a workforce tool, BrandDisco, has already demonstrated success in supporting widely known Military Transition Programs, such as Texas Veterans Commission, Onward To Opportunity, Virginia Department of Veteran Services, and more!

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CIAA Partners with BrandDisco© to Provide Career-Readiness for HBCU Students


The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association has partnered with BrandDisco© to introduce a new signature Workforce Readiness Program to prepare junior and senior students for success beyond their college careers. The program is set to launch in January of 2019.

Recent studies show that a college degree alone is no longer enough to successfully compete in today’s evolving global workforce. Employers now have an increased desire to understand how candidates make decisions, innovate, manage change, offer multi-dimensional skills, contribute to social causes, collaborate in team environments, think strategically and much more. 

As a result, the CIAA and BrandDisco© are excited to launch the Workforce Readiness Program which is designed to help students obtain more career clarity, confidence, and a competitive advantage for their transition from campus life to the corporate workforce.

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BrandDisco© LLC & Easy LMS, ( a Netherlands based company), announce a strategic partnership alliance to streamline the development of custom assessments.

November 8, 2018 - BrandDisco© and Easy LMS, (Learning Management System), are pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership whereby the Easy LMS online learning management system will serve as a duplicate hosting platform for BrandDisco©’s custom assessments and methodologies product line.

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Job Search Master Class® and BrandDisco© Join Forces to Support Thousands of Veterans and Military Spouses


Seattle, WA - October 2, 2018 - Job Search Master Class® and BrandDisco© — two innovative military-focused technology companies — announce a workforce development partnership in support of Veterans and Military Spouses.

Job Search Master Class® provides the leading comprehensive online job search skills training program for members of the Veteran community, including transitioning Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses.

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BrandDisco© now featured on Crunchbase, the leading destination for company insights from early-stage startups to the Fortune 1000.


Crunchbase was founded to be the master record of data on the world’s most innovative companies. We built a unique and scalable approach to data collection leveraging a strong community of contributors, the largest venture partner network, and in-house data teams armed with powerful machine learning. LEARN MORE


The BLKTECHCLT Learning Labs are a monthly workshop series connecting entrepreneurs to resources in the Queen City.

Personal Brand Java is a Highly-Interactive Personal Branding Workshop Fusion for Tech Professionals by BrandDisco©.

BrandDisco works with government leaders to help discover the personal brands of 3,000 of its city employees complementing culture, learning and development

BrandDisco© is excited to provide the City of Winston-Salem its instant personal brand discovery technology to gain a better understanding of how their employees perform, create and engage platform-wide. 

BrandDisco© launches the 1st Military Spouse Translator

BrandDisco©’s Instant Personal Brand Translator for Military Spouses, captures and translates each of their dynamic values so they can be properly aligned and leveraged. From a mil-spouse’s unique skills in managing change, adapting to new work-environments, or overcoming perceptions, BrandDisco© offers an easier way to evaluate the total picture.

BrandDisco© launches the 1st Employee Translator


Uniquely designed to capture the needs of the co-work, group-think, or innovation-centric environment, BrandDisco© helps leaders pin-point ideal vs. capable matches. Whether your company hires directly, or prepares candidates to be hired, BrandDisco© closes the communication gaps between mutually interested candidates & companies. LEARN MORE

BrandDisco Partners with Goodwill SP on its Operation GoodJobs 3.0 Program to Help More Veterans Get Hired faster!

4 Jun, 2018 – BrandDisco©, LLC partnered with Operation: GoodJobs 3.0 (OGJ 3.0) and Program Director, Richard Bartell, to leverage its auto-discovery technology and tools for military veterans so that more veterans get hired faster and remain employed longer.

Operation: GoodJobs 3.0 focuses on assisting military and veteran families with job training and placement services by providing plans tailored to the individual to help participants succeed in achieving job placement, retention, and long-term financial stability. 

BrandDisco© Technology’s Power-Up Program Helps Companies Redefine How They Discover and Utilize Military Veteran Talent

On April 1st, 2018, BrandDisco© will officially launch its Power Up© Program for Military Veterans which entails providing organizations with direct access to its automated discovery solution and instant feedback reports accompanied by a set of 4-toolkits.

The Power-Up© Program is designed to support the Veteran Hiring initiatives of organizations on a national scale by speeding up their talent discovery process; including guidance around its highest and best usage.

BrandDisco© launches the 1st Veteran Translator

BrandDisco©’s Instant Personal Brand Translator for Veterans, captures unique challenges faced by transitioning veterans in areas of role alignment, performance expectations & culture fit. Whether your company hires veterans directly or prepares veterans to be hired, BrandDisco© helps you match candidates to right-fit roles faster & keep them employed longer.