BrandDisco© specializes in providing Strategic Leadership Training & Custom Development Solutions across 5 Centers of Excellence.


As a result, our partners are able to enjoy over 40 unique instructor led trainings to meet their needs.

We’re different in that we take a modern approach to traditional training by infusing real-time data, social relevance & on-site coaching to create more engaging experiences. 

How To Get Started

Step 1: Choose your desired training classes from any of our 5 Centers of Excellence listed below.

Step 2: Decide if your selected training sessions will be a single occurrence or repeated occurrences held at different sites locations.

Step 3:  Select the number of training days needed based on number of training sessions you desire.

Up to 4 Trainings Classes per site  = Full Day

Up to 2 Training Classes per site = Half Day

  1. Career Readiness

2. Personal & Professional Development 

3. Leadership Development

4. Team Building & Culture Fit

5. Conflict Resolution