Our 3-part methodology is based on data intelligence and desired objectives encouraging creative, inclusive & actionable learning experiences for all!


Step 1: Assess

Our Brand Discovery™ Technology Assesses attendee’s Performance Styles, Personality Traits & Passion Interests to better understand how they think create & behave.


Step 2:  Analyze Feedback

An assessment report is auto-produced instantly aligning core talent competencies to pre-established value propositions. The assessment also captures additional personal brand data insights which can be further analyzed, as desired, to help attendees understand where they thrive, relate & excel most.


Step 3: Action & Accountability

Upon analyzation, attendees are carefully guided through coaching & mentorship strategies using audio/visual aids, team interaction, live demonstrations and 1-page action sheets to activate success and meet the objective in question. (i.e. Establishing goals related to the objective, areas of opportunity, development plans and accountability measures.)

The BrandDisco© Philosophy

We believe your personal brand describes how you think, create and behave so that you can further understand where you thrive, relate and excel within your professional career.

Early access to this type of insight can help clarify, focus & develop your strengths while simultaneously learning how to relate and leverage the strengths of others around you so you can experience faster success. Studies have shown, there are many strengths and skills needed at the professional table to create a well rounded team that collectively contributes to a greater goal. 


However, since one person alone can't possibly possess every skill or strength, collaborating and leveraging others is needed to accomplish greater success. This is only achieved when we know where our seat is at the table and how it contributes to the mission in question. Knowing who we are, helps us also know who we aren't, how that impacts others and who else we might need to accomplish our goals. BrandDisco© helps to quickly solve for this by using its signature technology to instantly categorize people into 1 of 6 personal brand types. 

From there, BrandDisco© produces a complete personal brand report which outlines the Success Factors, Value Propositions, Culture Fits and Top Take-Aways associated with that respective personal brand type. The BrandDisco© report is both intuitive and immediately actionable as it assigns a highest to lowest numeric value to show users their soft-skill rankings while also capturing 8 additional professional values which can be used for further coaching.

Due to its 8-question format and its mobile friendly accessibility, the BrandDisco© report can be used onsite and at will to support a number or personal and professional development objectives including candidate screening when needed.