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3. Category Description: Especially designed for new, or emerging leaders, seeking to discover how to use their natural Leadership Styles more effectively within their current or aspiring roles, or for existing leaders who wish to better engage or motivate their diverse teams, all participants will learn how to foster a culture of creativity and talent inclusion in an ever evolving world.

Category Review: Leaders who attended workshops within our Leadership Development Catalog reported learning more ways to motivate and relate to their teams faster through advanced easy-to-use strategies.

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Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Identify your unique Leadership Style & discover new ways it can be used more effectively in your current leadership role.

b) Better engage, relate and communicate with your team members who have different and similar professional styles than you to create a more inclusive culture.

c) Motivate your teams faster with the least amount of conflict and resistance.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Delegate and lead your teams more effectively.

b) Inspire, recognize and incentivize your team to contribute in areas of their personal purpose and expertise.

c) Foster a culture of creativity, collaboration and growth that makes your teams excited to come to work each day.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Utilize expert mediation strategies that help to create a welcoming and safe environment for open discussions between feuding parties.

b) Identify the perceived problem(s) to determine if there is mutual agreement on the source of the problem(s).

c) Diagnose the root causes of conflict by discovering underlying factors. (i.e. Where are we similar or different and what is its impact to the conflict?).

d) Guide parties through establishing ideal resolution goals by describing what success would look like for this co- working relationship if there were no conflict.

e) Help create, manage and over see a winning conflict resolution plan between feuding parties.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Understand the importance of being an innovative leader in an evolving world and why success requires more than just being good within your role.

b) Discover why having a Big-Idea alone, is no longer as valuable as being able to move your Big-Idea past its inception, planning, and implementation with the least amount of time, resources and finances.

c) Connect new ideas to meaningful existing causes & garner early buy-in from your team.

d) Use Strategy, Relationships, Planning, Influence and Resources to move the needle further faster despite perceived limitations.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Introduce, inspire and motivate a more change accepting culture amongst your teams.

b) Inspire a mindset of change before introducing actual change to receive the least amount of team resistance.

c) Discuss the impacts and rewards of change to gain early buy-in from the greater team.

d) Recognize & understand the reasons why people resist change including the three different change management personality types of everyday people.

e) Identify your teams individual change management personality types including how to improve it and use it to positively influence others.

f) Create a change management plan that makes the team feel personally vested and accountable.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Use strategies and techniques to determine how to prioritize based on deadlines, impact & level of effort for each tasks.

b) New ways to ensure you are operating efficiently and productively as a leader.

c) Determine where and how to start on high priority new projects and use the power of leverage in the process.

d) Identify what, how and when to delegate in order to achieve the best outcomes.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Understand the importance of constructive feedback in a professional co-working culture.

b) Provide constructive feedback to your team using winning expert strategies and techniques that reduce hostility and provide real value instead. This includes how, when and where.

c) Receive constructive feedback from a peer, or member of your team, in a positive manner to achieve more favorable outcomes on all sides

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Determine the various types of Soft Skills within a professional culture and why Empathy is one of the most critical Soft Skills in leadership.

b) Become more conscious about overcoming unconscious biases in order to be intentional about acceptance & inclusion.

c) Discover how to make people feel like they matter.

d) Create a more inclusive culture despite background, experiences and beliefs.

e) Inspire your people to become willing contributors.

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