BrandDisco©’s Tools Have Been Psychologically Reviewed

On a bi-annual basis, BrandDisco© LLC, undergoes a thorough review process, by a team of expert professionals to ensure we are delivering the most fit, accurate & best tools for our clients and partners. Our reviews span across the following three categories… 1.) Psychological/Sociological, 2. Data & 3.) Federal Procurement, etc.


Sociology Review:

"BrandDisco© helps with creating easier ways to collaborate & organize during the project management process. This will decrease turnaround time and most likely produce a better product and with streamline productivity. What more can you ask for. EFFICIENCY makes for happy employers and employees. It also helps in the hiring process to make sure you are putting the right person in the right position, high turnover benefits no one. " -Vernetta DeVane. BA in Sociology, Masters in Conflict Resolution

About Vernetta DeVane: Vernetta holds a BA in Sociology from NC State University and Master's in Conflict Resolution from UNC-G. She has been on several boards, local and state, and has worked on national initiatives with crime victims' rights and mental health. Vernetta has conducted training sessions on topics related to all of her educational areas, board affiliations, and customer service initiatives.

Psychology Review:

"I believe that this process can enhance the way in which companies recruit the RIGHT talent for their organization. Resumes are important which helps to scaffold a potential employee, but this program solidifies WHO you're dealing with. Keep up the good work here, you guys have something that will change the way in which companies bring on QUALITY talent." -Corey LeGrand, Organizational Psychology, Doctoral Student.

About Corey LeGrand: Corey is a recent graduate of Lynn University. He successfully obtained a Master's Degree in Business Administration and is currently pursuing his Doctoral degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He's always been enamored by the work of psychologists. Understanding behaviors have always piqued his interest.

BrandDisco©’s Data Has Been Scientifically Reviewed

Data & Analytics:


“BrandDisco allows employers to better understand the wants and needs of many diverse groups, like Veterans, so that they are able to attract, grow and retain them. Veterans are also able to express their wants, needs and strengths to Corporate America, so that they can find a viable long-term means to develop their careers. At BrandDisco, the data is matched from diverse groups and employers to bring both sides into harmony where successful long-term relationships can be developed. The analytics are at the heart of helping veterans & other groups, tell their stories better, with employers absorbing it to the benefit of the company and the employee.” Glenn Ross, Managing Partner, Analytically Driven

About Glenn Ross: Glenn Ross: Glenn holds a BA in Economics for Valparaiso University and has doctoral training in Economics from Vanderbilt University. He has advised many large financial institutions on issues of data & analytics, finance, risk and strategy. He currently leads a data and analytics firm, Analytically Driven, and a custom software company, SpendBoss Profit.

BrandDisco© LLC, Has Been Vetted By The U.S. Federal Government

Federal Supplier

•Our company, BrandDisco© LLC, has undergone an extensive 3rd party vetting & verification process that has allowed us to become a certified Prime Government Supplier, with the U.S. Federal Government. This enables us to do business at the highest levels of the U.S. Government & team with other companies, on a national scale.

•As a result, we hold the following designations: Black American Owned, For-Profit Organization, Limited Liability Company, Minority-Owned Business, Self-Certified Small Disadvantaged Business, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned, Veteran Owned Business.


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