BrandDisco©’s Personal Brand Assessments are designed to support various day to day objectives.

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  • On boarding: Looking for new ways to engage & include your new hires into an evolving work-life culture? Use BrandDisco© for conducting more purposefully meaningful 2-way conversations that sets early expectations around the experience.

  • Leadership Development: Are your leaders experts in their fields, yet struggling with leading their people? Use BrandDisco© to empower your leaders by helping them instantly discover their best values, vs. areas of opportunity & its impacts to those they serve.

  • Team Building & Performance Inclusion: Need an effective way to turn an average team into The Avengers? Use BrandDisco© to maximize your teams’ success in half the time by helping your teams instantly discover how to leverage those diverse group values in a more powerfully inclusive way. Also great for team building!

  • Career Readiness: Need a faster-simpler way to prepare hundreds of job seekers for their careers without hours of discovery? Use BrandDisco© to help prepare multiple job seekers for more career success in less time by instantly discovering their highest & best values, role compatibility, culture fits & much more.

  • Business Readiness: Are the entrepreneurs you work with excited about their businesses, yet struggling to get noticed by their clients? Use BrandDisco© to help them instantly discover how to present their best value propositions to key clients in half the time.

  • Brand Building Social Media Strategies: Looking for simpler ways to help professionals build their personal brands using social media? Use BrandDisco© to help professionals maximize their online presence & influence.

Whether your focus is career readiness, culture fit or confidence building, BrandDisco© has your faster, simpler & better people solution.