Kiss traditional assessments goodbye & say hello to your future. We serve the same recipe with express results.


At BrandDisco©, we don’t believe assessments should consist of tons of mundane questions, take hours to complete, or require a psychological degree to translate. Instead, we’ve introduced an automated personal brand assessment, which helps leaders instantly discover their people’s best value propositions & how it fits in a workforce culture. In just 8-questions, under 2 minutes & with immediate feedback, BrandDisco© gives every day leaders, expert insights on the people they serve & support.

Tools that give every day leaders expert insights



Built for the modern workforce, BrandDisco© offers 24-hr. access to a full suite of automated resources promising leaders transformative outcomes in just 8 questions, in under 2 minutes & with instant results! Read More…



Sometimes the best solution, calls for customization & BrandDisco©’s proven team will deliver. Our domain of expertise involves end to end automation & leadership development tools. Read More…



BrandDisco©’s proven team of personal branding & social intelligence experts can help your company create, implement & automate those new initiatives, or support your existing efforts. Read More…

We proudly support the unique markets leaders serve

Whether your role consists of developing & managing, or directly hiring talent, BrandDisco© supports who you serve

BrandDisco©’s tools are playing a big role in helping leaders to hire more military job seekers

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Military Transition Leaders have a strict focus on helping military families get hired & acclimated into the civilian job market more effectively. In 2018, BrandDisco©’s technology & tools have helped the likes of Goodwill Operation Good Jobs & Walmart, Virginia Dept. of Veteran Services, Project Transition U.S.A., Job Search Master Class and others, in supporting their missions. Using BrandDisco©, leaders can instantly discover where military talent fits best across civilian organizations. Civilian leaders also found that knowing what to expect from military job seekers, prior to initial interview, helped promote more meaningful 2-way conversations.

Don’t just assess talent, activate its success


Traditional assessments alone, don’t work. Results with complicated reports and ambiguous next steps, are counterproductive to leaders. Instead, BrandDisco©’s on-demand, mobile friendly, instant results, are auto-delivered with intuitive feedback & 1 page ‘activate success’ guides to help leaders quickly understand & apply action. We support prehire screening, on-boarding acclimation, workforce-development, etc.

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