Built for the modern workforce, BrandDisco© provides leaders with options to support the needs of a new era.


Our online leadership platform, offers our clients the opportunity to license our signature tools, create customized solutions, or hire BrandDisco©’s team of experts for special initiatives. Whether it’s a ready-made simple solution, a customized request or the expert support of our proven team, BrandDisco© will deliver!

On-Demand Leadership Tools Made Simple


Built for the modern workforce, BrandDisco© offers 24-hr. access to a full suite of automated resources promising leaders transformative outcomes in just 8 questions, in under 2 minutes & with instant results! Read More…


Sometimes the best solution, calls for customization & BrandDisco©’s proven team will deliver. Our domain of expertise involves end to end automation & leadership development tools. Read More…


BrandDisco©’s proven team of personal branding & social intelligence experts can help your company create, implement & automate those new initiatives, or support your existing efforts. Read More…

BrandDisco© proudly supports the markets you serve

Whether your role consists of developing & managing, or directly hiring talent, BrandDisco© supports who you serve

Promote more human 2-way conversations

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In just minutes, BrandDisco© gives Leaders & Program Managers the power to know what to expect before the experience allowing them to promote more meaningful 2-way conversations in less time. Leaders are now able to discover instantly, those traits that can usually take months to reveal.

Leadership tools re-imagined for a new era


A technology solution for the modern workforce, BrandDisco© supports prehire screening, on-boarding acclimation, workforce-development & more. On-demand, mobile friendly, instant results, are auto-delivered to help leaders quickly understand culture fits, learning styles & where talent fits best across their organizations.

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