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BrandDisco© specializes in providing you with instant personal brand discovery assessments as an automated solution for your candidate screening, professional development or performance evaluations.

We understand your quest for Personal Brand insight is about knowing the value you can expect before you experience, invest-in or recommend someone for a role. Now, you can discover in minutes what used to take hours! 

Our multi-purpose instant discovery assessments can help you maximize your results.

Understand how your people think, create & behave

What type of Personal Brand values are you looking for in a qualified candidate? BrandDisco©'s assessments can help you discover and decide which of the 6-Personal Brand types below best describe the greatest benefits an individual brings to your company, organization or professional partnerships.

Short, accurate & immediate, our instant discovery technology is designed to provide leaders with right now feedback for higher-impact results. Uniquely designed for Veterans, Military Spouses, Employees, & College Students, our technology helps leaders to make faster decisions by providing access to on-demand insights. Discover in 2-minutes which of these values best meet your company's objectives.

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Revolutionize the power of the personal brand

You can now discover anyone's value before the first call saving time and effort. Click below to learn how you can experience BrandDisco© for your company today & start experiencing more.

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See what our happy customers have to say

"I have found using ‍‍‍BrandDisco©’s online assessment‍‍‍ to add value to my organization, and it has allowed us to better serve our clients. Using this online assessment tool enables us to better understand what each candidate’s real strengths are so we can better align them with the right company".

 — Dub T., CEO of Expert Employees

"BrandDisco©'s Most Value Proposition 'MVP' report has been instrumental in prepping my clients for job interviews. I recently coached a new attorney using the MVP report. She called me after the interview exploding with excitement. She said it was the most fun she’s had on an interview because she felt so prepared she was able to be herself." 

- Anitra K. B., Attorney and Counselor at Law

"My assessment perfectly describes me and I am now empowered to move both personal/professional relationships to the next level. YOU ARE AMAZING! I look forward to future sessions with you to learn how to BOSS MY SAUCE."

- Pamela M., Realtor of Worthy and Associations

"The City of Winston-Salem secured the [BrandDisco©] assessment and coaching services in 2017 and we have been pleased with the results we have achieved."

- Carmen C., Human Resources Director

"The BrandDisco© Veteran's discovery assessment was easy to take, simple to understand and does a great job of translating hidden values."

- Carl S., CEO of Corporate Gray and Published Author

“I believe the BrandDisco© Discovery process can enhance the way in which companies recruit the RIGHT talent for their organization. Resumes are important which helps to scaffold a potential employee, but this program solidifies WHO you're dealing with. You guys have something that will change the way in which companies bring on QUALITY talent.”

Corey L., Doctoral Student in Psychology

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