Career-Readiness for HBCU Students

ABOUT THIS PROGRAM: The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association has partnered with BrandDisco© to introduce a new signature Workforce Readiness Program to prepare junior and senior students for success beyond their college careers. Virtually held and instructor led, this program is set to launch January 22, 2019.

PROGRAM’S OBJECTIVE: This HBCU Workforce Readiness Program is designed to help students obtain more career clarity, confidence, and a competitive advantage for their transition from campus life to the corporate workforce.

WHY THIS PROGRAM IS NEEDED: Recent studies show that a college degree alone is no longer enough to successfully compete in today’s evolving global workforce. Employers now have an increased desire to understand how candidates make decisions, innovate, manage change, offer multi-dimensional skills, contribute to social causes, collaborate in team environments, think strategically and much more. 

CHALLENGES THIS PROGRAM IS EXPECTED TO OVERCOME: This program is expected to help overcome the HBCU candidate hiring disparity gaps, unfair advantages and unconscious biases which exists today.

PAST PERFORMANCE HISTORY: This past summer, Brand Disco©'s leaders Dawn Nicole and DeMario Mcilwain worked with CIAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee E-Board members as well as the 13 CIAA Senior Woman Administrators on creating and marketing their brand and this led to to further discussions on how we could work together to enhance career readiness for our students."We are pleased that Dawn is offering this new program first to our CIAA students." - CIAA Senior Associate Commissioner Suzette McQueen.

STUDENT ACCESS: Junior and senior HBCU students will have access to BrandDisco©’s automated talent assessments, which provides personal brand insights around how they think, create, and behave. The assessment will then be followed up by instructor-led career coaching and feedback sessions to teach students how to effectively position their dynamic values when applying for jobs and establishing themselves within a corporate environment. Read more here:

PROGRAM REQUESTS: BrandDisco© actively seeks out Talent Acquisition Partners via employers with diversity driven hiring initiatives who are actively seeking to recruit and hire HBCU graduates. Additionally, we extend a global open invite to all HBCU schools who wish to participate in this program. To learn more, contact Dawn Nicole via email @



  • Highest Soft Skill Values -Traits which reveal where an HBCU Student thrives, relates & excels most.

  • Best Value Proposition -The value & worth of an HBCU Student’s Soft Skills to the workforce.

  • 5-Top Take A Ways-Five blurbs briefly summarizing an HBCU Student’s best Personal Brand attributes

  • Problem Solving Approach-The approach an HBCU Student prefers to use to bring about solutions.

  • Recent Success Story-A recent meaningful success story in an HBCU Student’s own words.

  • Project Work Styles-The project types and team environments an HBCU Student works best in.

  • Social Passion Interests-Social hobbies & passions or pastimes of interests an HBCU Student enjoys most.

  • HBCU Workforce Transition Challenges-Common workforce challenges uniquely impacting an HBCU Students workforce transition.

  • Biggest Benefit Contributor-The biggest benefactor an HBCU Student offers a company

  • Collaborative Value & Culture Fit-The power an HBCU Student brings to the table when paired in teams.

How this program works

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  1. HBCU Talent Assessments- HBCU Students will use BrandDisco©’s automated talent discovery assessments to gain instant results of their highest and best soft skill(s) including its value proposition in a corporate workforce.

  2. Career Readiness Feedback & Action Steps- HBCU Students will be invited to a next step feedback session to understand how those soft skills relate to their career goals and ways to present those values more effectively to get noticed faster.

  3. Ongoing Professional Development Path - Following the feedback session, HBCU Students will be guided through creating a career plan which includes readiness strategies (i.e. best practices for networking, how to use LinkedIn more effectively, interviewing prep, etc.) As an option, HBCU students may also undergo an on-demand self empowerment series for improving soft skills by BrandDisco©.

  4. Job Interview- HBCU Students will be connected with BrandDisco©’s Talent Acquisition partners to be considered for actual job interviews.

  5. Case Studies- Available upon request.

For more information around this HBCU Workforce Readiness Program contact:
BrandDisco© Program Manager:
Name: Dawn Nicole, VP at BrandDisco©
Office: 704-709-0329 ext.101