Frequently Asked Questions

People often ask us how we’re different, we proudly answer by sharing how BrandDisco©’s development tools go far beyond insights. Instead, BrandDisco©’s tools are about helping leaders to Discover, Develop & Market their people’s highest & best potential vs. focusing on development alone. See below more questions we’ve answered!

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-You Have Questions & We Have Answers-

Getting Started:

Q. Where do I sign up?
Getting started with BrandDisco© is easy. Click here to fill out our order request form and a BrandDisco© Team Member will contact you within 24hrs to complete the ordering process. Once, you have completed the account set-up process, your account will become active for use within 1-2 business days.

Q. How long does it take to get access to the tools?
Your access is granted within 48-hours of receiving the welcome and set up call from our team.

Q. How do I secure payment?
Our 3-step set up process is fairly simple. Once you submit your sign up form via our website, we’ll contact you within the same day to confirm your order and to make your secure payment via an invoice link we’ll provide. If you’re unavailable to speak during our 1st attempt, we will schedule a call back within 24-hours.


Q. Is there a flat fee subscription model?
While we don’t offer a subscription flat fee model, we do offer 3-flexible pricing buckets to help you meet the demands of the those you serve and support. Simply pay for what you use.

Q. Once I pay for my assessments, how long do I have to use them?
We allow you a 12-consecutive month term, from the time of initial payment, to use your assessments. Remaining assessments not used within a 12-consecutive month term, are not eligible to be carried over or transferred.

Q. Am I able to resell my assessments to someone else to sell to their people? (i.e. Clients, Agencies, Partners, etc.)
Our assessment model is designed to allow you to use the assessments to provide a service to those you serve and not to be sold to others for resale. This means you are authorized to administer your assessments as a part of a paid or non paid service you offer. You could not however, sign a company up with an account to buy the assessments from you. BrandDisco©’s HQ issues all new account sign ups. With this in mind, we do not permit the resale of any BrandDisco© Products and Tools, without an authorized reseller's agreement in place. All violators will be prosecuted to the highest degree of the law. Contact us to learn more about being a reseller or an affiliate partner.


Q. Will I receive training?
After your account is set-up, you will be provided with an access link to BrandDisco©’s Online Training Videos for Leaders. You also can request to work one-on-one with a Certified BrandDisco© coach to learn key elements of BrandDisco©’s usage, reporting and 1 page action guides.

Q. Will I receive a training certification?
Leader’s Training Certifications are issued for an additional service fee through BrandDisco© University, a password protected access page, as well as when we conduct an onsite train the trainer session, or when we hold virtual train the trainer sessions. *As a new user with standard set up options, you will always receive access to 3 leaders instructional videos, with no official certification attached.


Q. Which roles get the best use out of BrandDisco©’s signature tools?

BrandDisco©’s tools are designed to help people discover, develop and market their top values to key decision-makers in less time and as a result, work perfectly in supporting the efforts of Workforce & Military Transition Leaders, College Career Counselors, Talent Agents, HR Executives, Business Development Managers, Coaches & more! By providing leaders with access to our signature brand building online development tools, their people can accomplish desired career goals earlier, more often & in half the time. Contact us today to learn more.

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