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5. Category Description: This Center of Excellence provides conflict-reducing and mediation workshops carefully designed for parties in feud or leaders and teams who want to reduce and prevent active conflict altogether in dynamic co-working cultures.

Category Review: Parties who attended workshops within our Conflict Resolution Catalog reported experiencing immediate feelings of empathy, relatability and understanding for the other parties involved, leading to a harmoniously improved culture shift in co-working relationships.

Training Classes By Title:

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Through this training we will guide your people through:

a) Expert mediation strategies to create a welcoming and safe environment for open discussions between the feuding parties.

b) Identifying the perceived problem(s) to determine if there is mutual agreement on the source of the problem(s).

c) Diagnosing the root causes of the conflict by discovering underlying factors. (i.e. Where are we similar or different and what is its impact to the conflict?).

d) Establishing ideal resolution goals by describing what success would look like for their coworking relationship if there were no conflict.

e) Creating, managing and being accountable to a conflict resolution plan agreed upon by the feuding parties.

Through this training we will guide your people through:

a) How to become more conscious about overcoming unconscious biases in order to be intentional about exercising empathy, acceptance and inclusion.

b) How to view matters from multiple perspectives to see outside of their inherited innate perspectives.

c) Applying compassion and the benefit of doubt to opposing parties through our winning technique known as “Don’t Complain About The Receptionist™.”

d) How to see the glass half full vs. half empty.

Through this training we will guide your people through:

a) How to agree to disagree professionally and without ill–will.

b) Determining when compromise is appropriate and when it is not.

c) Settling disputes by mutually agreed upon concessions to create a more harmonious outcome.

Through this training we will guide your people through:

a) A wide range of expert methods and strategies for addressing existing conflicts, including negotiation, mediation techniques and creative peace building at a peer to peer level.

b) Understanding the various types and root causes of conflict including how to avoid the behaviors which cause conflict to begin with.

c) Quickly resolving misunderstandings and not allowing resentment to fester.

Through this training we will guide your people through:

a) Becoming experts in crafting, building and managing more effective conflict resolution plans with measurable outcomes.

b) Creating a welcoming and safe environment for open discussions which makes building a final plan an easier task for all parties involved.

c) Moderating and mediating in a neutral manner through managing constructive conversations while not tolerating destructive feedback.

d) Applying strategic question asking to diagnose the root cause of the problem for effective onsite coaching and crafting better remediation plans.

e) How to motivate personal accountability and commitment to the plan from all parties

Through this training we will guide your people through:

a) Understanding communication and diversity in the workplace based on backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

b) Defining the various types of workplace communication styles and how to be more receptive and inclusive to each.

c) Better communication strategies verbally and virtually with new teammates and peers to recognize diverse styles and increase chances of group unification while reducing potential conflict.

Through this training we will guide your people through:

a) Defining what Sexual Harassment is and what it is not through providing practical examples.

b) Determining the other types of harassment found in the workplace and the legal ramifications. (i.e. Quid Pro Quo, Hostile Work Environment & Bullying, etc.)

c) Identifying the various forms by which harassment occurs both online and onsite. (i.e. Non-Verbal, Verbal & physical).

d) Responding and reporting harassment in and outside the workplace..

e) Using preventative methods to minimize the risks of harassment.

Through this training we will guide your people through:

a) Establishing a common set of desired outcomes to include intermediate as well as longer-term goals for working together.

b) Re-Building Trust and confidence in the affected relationship.

c) Reviewing the benefits of joining forces and what’s expected of each of them in the task at hand.

d) Reaffirming the power inherent in working together in good relationships. .

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 "Such a great session yesterday! I really appreciated your knowledge and insight and I LOVED how interactive it was." -Solange T.

"Great, practical workshop on dealing with conflict in the work place and life in general. The example that you gave was excellent and on point! We’ve all been put in that awkward situation, do I erupt or keep it together. We go with the flow at the moment to get past it and never go back to address. Excellent resolution and action plan to deal with these situations in the future. Thank you!" - Verlette T.

"I thoroughly enjoyed your session today!"- Kelley W.

"You did an outstanding job on the Conflict Management Seminar yesterday. It was very engaging and obviously valuable to all. I think it would be a great seminar for not only local SHRM, but maybe even the State and National SHRM." - Linda D

"Thank you for the awesome workshop yesterday. You did an amazing job!"- Jennifer P.

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