5 Centers Of Excellence To Meet Your Needs

Our Strategic Leadership Training platform spans across 5 Centers of Excellence and allows our clients to enjoy over 40 unique instructor-led seminars & webinars. Each category offers a catalog of 8 unique seminar topics.


Learn more about each of our 40 unique instructor-led seminars & webinars below

1. Category Description: This Center of Excellence is particularly designed to help transitioning job seekers or established employees discover & develop their unique soft skills, increase their chances of success, stand out to key decision-makers and get invited to their next opportunity up to 50% faster. 

Category Review: Job seekers who attended workshops within our Career Readiness Catalog reported being much more confident during interviews and were hired within 90 days of participation.

Training Classes By Title:

  • 1.1 Career Readiness Introduction

  • 1.2 Personal Branding & Soft-Skills Discovery

  • 1.3. Creating a Compelling Elevator Pitch

  • 1.4 Social Media Brand Building

  • 1.5 Social Media Strategic Connections

  • 1.6 Strategic Networking

  • 1.7  Interview Prep

  • 1.8. Virtual Introductions and Follow-ups

2. Category Description: This Center of Excellence is especially designed for industry professionals who desire to discover & develop how to use their unique soft skills more effectively within their current roles, add more value to their teams and build a clear actionable path to career advancement.

Category Review: Professionals who attended workshops within our Professional Development Catalog reported seeing their current careers from a newly inspired lens & were ignited to pursue advanced career paths as a result.

Training Classes By Title:

  • 2.1. Professional Development Introduction

  • 2.2 Personal Branding & Soft-Skills Discovery

  • 2.3 Success Mindset for professionals - seeing beyond your role

  • 2.4 Accepting & Managing Change

  • 2.5 Improving Work-Life Balance

  • 2.6 Constructive Feedback for Professionals - providing and receiving

  • 2.7 The Innovative Professional

  • 2.8 Successful Communication Styles on and offline

3. Category Description: This Center of Excellence is specifically designed for industry leaders who want to discover how to use their natural Leadership Styles more effectively within their current or next roles, better engage or motivate their diverse teams and foster a culture of creativity and talent inclusion.

Category Review: Leaders who attended workshops within our Leadership Development Catalog reported learning more ways to motivate and relate to their teams faster through advanced easy-to-use strategies.

Training Classes By Title:

  • 3.1 Leadership Development Introduction 

  • 3.2 Strategic Leadership Training - Empowering a diverse team

  • 3.3 Conflict Resolution & Management 

  • 3.4 The Innovative Leader (From Thinking to Doing)

  • 3.5 Accepting, Managing & Motivating Change

  • 3.6 Time Management & Prioritization

  • 3.7 Constructive Feedback for Leaders - Providing and Accepting

  • 3.8 Exercising Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

Team Label.png

4. Category Description: This Center of Excellence provides group-level training workshops specifically designed for teams of all sizes who want to discover & develop how to use their dynamic talents more effectively when collaborating and during group think to improve efficiency, productivity and co-working relationships.

Category Review: Teams who attended workshops within our Team Building & Culture Fit Catalog reported gaining a new-found respect and appreciation for their team’s diverse co-working styles causing them to become 50% more productive when working collaboratively.

Training Classes By Title:

  • 4.1 Team Building & Culture Fit Introduction

  • 4.2 Collaborative Thinking & Working

  • 4.3 Successful Communication Styles on and offline for Teams

  • 4.4 The Innovative Team (From Thinking to Doing)

  • 4.5 Constructive Feedback for Teams-Providing and Accepting

  • 4.6 Exercising Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

  • 4.7 Discovering, Developing and Building the Team Brand

  • 4.8 Success Mindset for Teams - Leverage is the new currency

5. Category Description: This Center of Excellence provides conflict-reducing and mediation workshops carefully designed for parties in feud or leaders and teams who want to reduce and prevent active conflict altogether in dynamic co-working cultures.

Category Review: Parties who attended workshops within our Conflict Resolution Catalog reported experiencing immediate feelings of empathy, relatability and understanding for the other parties involved, leading to a harmoniously improved culture shift in co-working relationships.

Training Classes By Title:

  • 5.1 Conflict Resolution Introduction

  • 5.2 Exercising Empathy amidst conflict

  • 5.3 Comprise and Conquer

  • 5.4 Removing & Reducing the Conflict

  • 5.5 Building & monitoring remediation plans

  • 5.6 Diverse Communication Styles & Strategies

  • 5.7 Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention

  • 5.8 Collaboration after conflict


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How We Deliver Our Training Experiences ‍‍‍

  • Half Day. Great for workshops, organized forums or lunch and learns, our half day Training Solutions are a potent, high impact and effective way to accomplish your training goals in a tactical manner.

  • Full-Day. Our full day Training Solutions are a great way to get intimately involved with the goals of your leaders and teams providing undivided, dedicated and strict attention to accomplishing the results you desire.

  • Multiple Consecutive Days. Perfect for coordinating and accommodating the schedules of busy leaders or larger teams, our multiple-day options are a great way to ensure learning and messaging continuity are effectively embraced.

  • Customize. Not really sure yet, what the delivery looks like? No problem. Our team is willing to learn a little more about your needs and work with you to determine the best course of action, whether it’s recurring, extended, adhoc, virtual or digital. We can help.

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