Delivering success by design

BrandDisco©'s Instant Personal Brand Translator for College Students, lets HR Leaders & Program Managers discover in minutes where their student’s values fit best in and across any organization. Created to deliver success by design, BrandDisco© captures & translates the unique challenges faced by the college student community as it relates to things like, workforce transition, finding right-fit roles and acclimating to a fast paced corporate culture.

To overcome such challenges, BrandDisco©’s Instant Personal Brand Translator, is currently being used to help college students become immediately more effective before & during their workforce transitions ensuring they have the insight needed to be best prepared, polished and poised for peak potential.

Whether your company hires college graduates directly, or prepares them to be hired, BrandDisco© helps you close the communication gaps and get to the results sooner.

Consisting of only 8-questions, BrandDisco©'s technology delivers an instant Personal Brand report directly to your email.




  • Highest Success Factor- Traits which reveal where your college student thrives, relates & excels most.

  • Best Value Proposition-The value & worth of your college student’s Success Factor to your company.

  • 5-Top Take A Ways-Five blurbs briefly summarizing your college student’s top traits.

  • Problem Solving Approach-The approach your college student prefers to use to bring solutions.

  • Recent Success Story-A recent meaningful success story in your college student’s own words.

  • Project Work Styles-The project types and team environments your college student works best in.

  • Social Passion Interests-Social hobbies, passions or pastimes of interests your college student enjoys most.

  • Workforce Transition Challenges-Common workforce challenges uniquely impacting college students.

  • Biggest Benefit Contributor-Describes the best way your college student can benefit your company.

  • Collaborative Value & Culture Fit-The power your college student brings to the table when paired in groups.

When you sign up with BrandDisco©, you’ll receive…

  • Customized Link- Perfect for employer branding or consistent messaging, you’ll be provided a customized URL for users to access BrandDisco©.

  • Unlimited Usage- Unlimited mo. usage allows you more flexibility to asses at will.

  • Instantly Emailed Reports- Full back-end report emailed directly to you within minutes after your candidate completes BrandDisco©.

  • Leader’s Guide & Training Overview -Brief & relevant to how your team wishes to use BrandDisco©, e-learning, virtual and/or onsite training support are available.

  • 1-Page Interview Forms- Great for 2-way feedback, or independent review of your candidate’s BrandDisco© results.

  • Case Studies- Introduce new concepts by learning a number of ways others have had success with BrandDisco©.


8-Reasons To Say Yes

Automates your initial interview process
Reduces your manual labor & effort
Cuts down on candidate discovery times by 50%
Delivers instant results enabling swifter action
Provides a polished & professional summary of your candidate’s best values
Enables a one to many model, assessing multiple candidates at a time
Increases your speed & decision delivery times up to 3x’s faster
Collects, builds & stores all of your candidate’s data in one place