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The Future of Military Hiring

 How Data Can Be Used To Improve Your Success Rates


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Many employers place extensive efforts on attracting and recruiting ideal military talent, yet struggle to retain them, once in the door. 

Although most HR Leaders are aware of these military hiring challenges, they are typically unsure of how to effectively remediate these gaps. This is largely due in part to the issue being that of a systemic opportunity, rather than a tactical solution.

Through this webinar, BrandDisco© will share with you ways to use your current military data immediately more effective in order to solve the challenges mentioned above.


Each attendee will receive 3 Top Take-a-ways:

  • The role of artificial intelligence to the military hiring process

  • How to create a personalized yet globally inclusive on-boarding experience

  • How to leverage a single data source 3 different ways across your organization


This webinar is perfect for employers who hire military talent, or wish to hire military talent, and are looking for ways to significantly increase hiring and retention rates.


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Meet The Presenter


Dawn Nicole, Vice President of BrandDisco LLC



BrandDisco©'s Co-Founders and Personal Branding Evangelists, Dawn Nicole, is a National Key-Note Speakers with Personal Branding Development and Marketing Strategies.

Over 24 years of professional experience leading organizational development, talent management and career readiness programs at an executive-level for Fortune 100 organizations with up to 16, 500 employees nationwide gives me a strong and diverse background in motivating strategic leadership, developing better people and building stronger teams in my current role as VP of BrandDisco© LLC. 

Experienced in employee and enterprise personal branding discovery, development & marketing strategies, BrandDisco©'s technology, tools and training programs help people take advantage of epic opportunities faster by presenting their best foot forward the first time. 

An out of the box thinker who offers others the leading–edge thru more creative solutions, Dawn Nicole has contributed to BrandDisco© becoming a leading provider of innovative professional development & training solutions in the Federal, Military & College Sectors.