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Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Align your personal brand to your career goals & vision to establish clarity around next steps, areas of focus & key people critical to your plan’s success.

b) Identify and understand how to use your competitive advantage more intentionally to get noticed faster.

c) Use effective messaging during networking, email introductions & social media exchanges making you come across more confident, influential & powerful.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Discover how you think, create and behave, its value to your professional career and how it impacts those you serve or support.

b) Identify your natural soft skills strengths & understand where you thrive, relate and excel professionally as a result.

c) Present yourself as a collaborator, contributor or mentor across multiple mediums on & offline.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Create a personalized strategic elevator pitch that has multiple impacts and can be customized when needed.

b) Understand how to shave the fluff and only present your top values to key decision-makers within 30-60 seconds.

c) Present your effective message during email introductions, virtual exchanges & on social media mediums.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Build an in-demand epic online brand.

b) Craft irresistibly compelling content that represents the essence of your personal brand rather than in the box jargon.

c) Create customized Social Media Profiles personalized to attract your ideal opportunities through LinkedIn, FB & Twitter.

d) Understand how to build and share impactfully relevant content posts that create engagement, add value and increase user responsiveness.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Better attract and engage your new connections on social media.

b) Increase your success rates for turning those cold online connections into purpose driven conversations for key parties of interest.

c) Attract, build and nurture active business relationships who become your biggest fans and allies.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Better align your networking activities and events to support target career objectives achieving your goals 50 % faster with the least amount of hassle and distraction.

b) Identify and categorize your ideal customers from strategic partners and/or potential referral partners using a proven winning system allowing you to seize real time opportunities while networking.

c) Exercise a powerful follow up strategy that allows you to customize, prioritize and get in front of decision makers faster than ever before.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Utilize expert industry tips & insider insights to help you prepare for a successful interview before you arrive and follow-up strong after you leave.

b) Apply active-listening and strategic question-asking giving you a competitive advantage over other candidates.

c) Exercise effective messaging during interviews by highlighting your winning talking points in a more impactful summary-style manner that helps you to stand out.

Through this training you will learn how to:

a) Execute a power-packed cold e-introduction between yourself and other key parties of interest. increasing your chances of more successful outcomes using the least amount of information.

b) Broker a proper warm introduction when connecting two or more interested parties in order to obtain desired results faster.

c) Use effective follow-up strategies which allow you to prioritize the urgency and direction of next steps and how to remain top of mind with key parties of interest.

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