Personal Brand Assessments for College Students

Perfect for organizational leaders and college administrators, BrandDisco©'s 8-question instant personal branddiscovery assessments will immediately translate your student's hidden-values into high-impact results critical for personal brand building or professional development.

BrandDisco©'s personal brand reports are immediately delivered to your email and reflect your students' personality types, performance styles and areas of passion.

Fast, reliable and simple to use, our assessments go beyond the surface and can be used to help your student’s better align their majors, pursue more success within a fast moving college-culture, or to transition more effectively into the workforce. BrandDisco©’s instant discovery assessments are also great for providing student’s a robust value-proposition despite them having little to no real world experience.

Order your assessments today and help your teams immediately translate hidden values into high-impact results!



  • Success Factors
  • Value Proposition
  • Top Take A Ways
  • Problem Solving Approach
  • Recent Success Story
  • Project Work Style
  • Passion Category Index
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Biggest Benefit Contributor
  • Compatibility Culture Fit

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