BrandDisco© launches its new automated tool to help companies hire & develop more Military-Spouses in half the time

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There are at least 10 great reasons why employers should hire Military-Spouses and BrandDisco©’s technology will help companies instantly capture each one - leading to faster decisions.

With the release of BrandDisco©’s newest Mil-Spouse automated solution, an instant personal brand discovery assessment uniquely designed for Military-Spouses, employers can quickly identify their best professional values and where it all fits across & within their organizations.

Fast, reliable and simple to use, BrandDisco©’s Mil-Spouse automated solution goes beyond the resume, providing HR Leaders with the ability to determine in minutes what used to take hours.

Consisting of only 8-questions, which immediately evaluate a Mil-Spouse's personality types, performance styles and areas of social-passion, results can be used for screening, hiring, professional development, performance evaluation and much more. 

BrandDisco©’s technology advances in this space, will allow Mil-Spouses to get hired faster, remain employed longer and effectively compete for advancement opportunities. 

Companies will also be able to build performance-driven data and analytics around Mil-Spouses leading to more effective recruiting, hiring and development efforts for this market. 

This tool and more, will be featured and demonstrated at BrandDisco©’s Future of Veteran Hiring Event sponsored by Goodwill Operation Goodjobs in association with Walmart on September 20, 2018. Click here for event details:

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For all media inquiries specific to BrandDisco©’s Military Spouse automated assessments, contact Dawn Nicole @ or 704-709-0329 ext. 101.