The recipe for success varies by organization

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We support many forms of benchmarking

  • Internal benchmarking is a comparison of practices and performances between teams, individuals or groups within your organization. BrandDisco© believes this is the first step to understanding which talent profiles work best within your organization’s culture. Success can look equally different from department to department.

  • External benchmarking is a comparison of organizational performances to industry peers. BrandDisco© believes understanding the industry standards for common roles, can help your organization understand where its benchmarks align among similarly modeled competitors, or peers. Success can look equally different from company to company.

BrandDisco©’s easy to use discovery assessments, combined with the guidance of its Data Intelligence Team, can help your organization assess and create customized talent profiles across your footprint, so that you may benchmark & clone only those profiles which work best.

By creating a talent profile benchmark, you can equally determine which talent profiles yield less than favorable results thereby making more informed hiring decisions moving forward.

BrandDisco©’s team will help you create culture appropriated benchmarks which are in alignment with your company's overarching goals, mission and vision.

Leaders Love BrandDisco©


Whether your focus is career readiness, culture fit or confidence building, BrandDisco© has your faster, simpler & better people solution.

Today, BrandDisco©’s automated tools help to support the Student Athlete professional development efforts of CIAA, as well as, the Military Workforce Readiness programs for its various partners. (i.e. Virginia Department of Veteran Services, Goodwill Operation Good Jobs 3.0, Project Transition, Job Search Master Class, etc.)

We also support Organizational Leadership and Development initiatives for the City of Winston Salem and its 3,000 employee workforce.

Leaders love BrandDisco© because its not a transactional purchase, it’s a long lasting partnership of growth, support and strategy.

The BrandDisco© experience offers secure assessment access, instant feedback reports, 1-Page “Activate Success” action guides training support, tips and case studies.

We plan on making a BrandDisco© believer out of you.