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You have the power to coach, train, and make a difference & we have the power to help you do it faster, simpler & better, using BrandDisco©'s Soft-Skill Discovery™ Assessments, designed to get your people career ready in half the time.

Shorter, sleeker, virtually accessible and in less than 3-minutes to complete, BrandDisco©, makes it easier for you to learn, apply & offer real-time data insights needed to bring your people faster results.

Whether you’re looking to match skills to roles, build confidence, strengthen or develop areas of opportunity, BrandDisco©’s got you covered!

7-Ways Our Assessments Have You Covered

When You Start Using BrandDisco©, You can Breathe Easy, Since Our Assessments Will:

✔Instantly automate your interview discovery process

✔Reduce your manual labor & efforts by 50%

✔Electronically deliver your people’s full back end reports to your email

✔Provide you with polished & professional resume ready summaries of your people’s highest and best values

✔Enable you a one to many assessment model vs. a laborious, one at a time, approach

✔Increase your speed and efficiency rates so that you can get to your intended results up to 3x’s faster

✔Collect & build your people’s statistical data and analytics in one place

“I have found using ‍‍‍BrandDisco©’s online assessment‍‍‍ to add value to my organization, and it has allowed us to better serve our clients. Using this online assessment tool enables us to better understand what each candidate’s real strengths are so we can better align them with the right company”.
— Dub T., CEO of Expert Employees

BrandDisco©’s reports auto-reveal which of 6-Success Factors best describe your people

In an evolving job market, employers need every skill represented at the table, our goal is to help you discover faster which skills best describe your people, so you can get on to what matters most, MORE RESULTS!


Speed Quantitative Solutionist:

A critical thinker who connects dots quickly spotting key-details that others miss. This investigative researcher secretly enjoys a healthy challenge.


Accuracy Qualitative Solutionist:

A thorough researcher with strict attention to detail who can avoid commonly-made mistakes.


Creative & Visionary Strategist:

An out of the box thinker who offers others the leading–edge thru more creative solutions helping to pioneer the best new ideas first.

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Leadership & Results Engineer

A naturally persuasive thought leader who enjoys motivating others to reach their goals.

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Process Improvement Engineer:

Thrives in environments which allow them to create structure around their expertise to provide a diligent solution for others.


Empathetic Resource Connector:

A natural ability to quickly relate and understand the needs of others.

BrandDisco© offers you more user-friendly instant assessment feedback reports


Each Report Provides Resume Ready Data


  • Highest Soft-Skill Success Factor-These are traits which reveal where your people thrive, relate & excel most.

  • Best Value Proposition-The potential value & worth that your people’s soft-skills can bring to a company.

  • Collaborative Value & Culture Fit-The power your people can bring to the table when paired in groups.

  • 5-Top Take A Ways- Five blurbs briefly summarizing your people’s top traits or top talking points!

    • Problem Solving Approach-The approach your people prefer to use to bring-about solutions.

    • Recent Success Story-A recent meaningful success story in your people’s own words.

    • Project Work Styles-The project types and team environments your people work best in.

    • Social Passion Interests-Social hobbies, passions or pastimes of interest your people enjoy most.

    • Biggest Benefit Contributor-Describes the best ways your people can benefit their future employers.

Perfect for Individual Coaching or Group Workshops

This photo depicts an actual Personal Branding Group Workshop for Onward to Opportunity’s Co-horts @ Ft. Bragg Military Base with over 110 Military Veterans

This photo depicts an actual Personal Branding Group Workshop for Onward to Opportunity’s Co-horts @ Ft. Bragg Military Base with over 110 Military Veterans


Great as a stand-alone option, or as a gateway into more broader career readiness programs, BrandDisco©'s Brand Discovery™ Assessments capture & translate 10 unique variables that can be used to support a number of various talent management and workforce development efforts.

Get Invited To Speak With Our Team!

“I believe the BrandDisco© Discovery process can enhance the way in which companies recruit the RIGHT talent for their organization. Resumes are important which helps to scaffold a potential employee, but this program solidifies WHO you’re dealing with. You guys have something that will change the way in which companies bring on QUALITY talent.”
- Corey L., Doctoral Student in Psychology

Use BrandDisco©’s Assessments Like A Pro

Our Instructional Videos Will Show You How -Or- Ask about our onsite train the trainer options.

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BrandDisco©’s assessments are intuitive and allow you to hit the ground running. To ensure this, we provide you with 3-brief instructional videos outlining how to give your people access to your assessment link, how to read their feedback results & how to apply their results to support a variety of career readiness activities of interests.

We have different assessments to support the various niche markets you serve


  • Standard/Job Seekers?

  • Veterans? 

  • Military Spouses?

  • College Students?

  • HBCU Students?

  • Youth?

  • Entrepreneurs?

“The BrandDisco© Veteran’s discovery assessment was easy to take, simple to understand and does a great job of translating hidden values.”
- Carl S., CEO of Corporate Gray and Published Author

We Offer Onsite Train the Trainer Options

Got a large team of leaders using BrandDisco©’s assessments? No problem!

To ensure expert level application, we’re happy to work directly with your team offering train the trainer sessions resulting in our elite, BrandDisco© Basics Certification For Leaders.


Option 1: Virtual Instructor-Led Training Session (Organizational level training for up to 6 users) Includes a 2.0-hour virtual session with materials and recording available for future references followed by e-Certify process for instant certification of all administrators.

Option 2: Instructor-Led Onsite Train the Trainer Training with Materials (Organizational level training for up to 6 users) Includes a 4 to 6-hour onsite session, with role-play based hands on scenarios & multiple application techniques. Session materials provided for future references followed by e-Certify process for instant certification of all administrators.

Getting Started Is As…

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It's really that easy!

Have questions about pricing? CLICK HERE NOW or Feel free to book a complimentary consultation with our experts who are happy to walk you through your options.  

See What You Get When You Get Started

  • 3-Instructional Train the Trainer Videos-Brief & relevant, get access to on demand training videos with virtual or onsite team support available to you, as needed.

  • 1-Secure Customized Assessment Access Link- Perfect for maintaining your company’s branding, we’ll create you a customized URL to provide your users with secure access to your BrandDisco© assessments.

  • Instantly Emailed User Reports- Get full back-end reports instantly emailed to you after your candidate completes the BrandDisco© assessment.

  • Case Studies Examples- Gain new coaching concepts by learning a number of ways others have successfully used BrandDisco©’s assessments through the instructional videos.

See This Brief Video on Using BrandDisco©

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