About Us


What first begin as a proprietary brand intelligence tool inside of our own Branding and Digital Marketing company, in recent years BrandDisco© has been transformed into a commercial product line of tools for global leaders. Veteran owned & operated, BrandDisco© was founded in September 2015 & established in February 2018.

Today, BrandDisco© is an online leadership platform, which offers its clients an opportunity to license its signature tools, create customized solutions, or consult its experts for special initiatives. Built for the modern workforce, BrandDisco© offers 24 Hr.-access to a full suite of automated resources promising leaders transformative outcomes in just 8 questions, in under 2 minutes & with instant results.


Our mission is to help everyday leaders become empowered experts through access to on-demand leadership tools made simple.


Innovate: (Something New) At BrandDisco©, we don't believe in reinventing the wheel, we believe in making better wheels. Not only is innovation a driving force and core value within our company, it's a key element we look for when selecting our clients and the partners we align with.

Diversify: (Something Different) BrandDisco© strongly believes in the value of difference, as different results require diversified people, perspectives, and partnerships. Diversity is also the driver of BrandDisco©'s automated talent assessment used to quickly discover differences among surface-level similarities highlighting the dynamics of one's talents, values and communication styles including its power during collaboration.

Evolve: (Something with Growth Potential) At BrandDisco©, evolution is a part of our story, evolving beyond the standard of what others said could not be done. It is because we continue to evolve, that we dare to create technology which re-imagines what was once remembered.