About Us


As a certified team of passionate, esteemed and skilled trainers who bring years of experience to the table, we look forward to meeting, developing and providing your people, leaders and teams with lasting results!

Mostly all of our Trainers and Consultants have had their own independent practices for years and are made to undergo a strict 6 point certification process around BrandDisco©’s 5 Centers of Excellence.

Training & Development:

Whether it’s performance driven Professional Development or Team Building and Culture Fit, our proven group of expert trainers are equipped with the data and know-how to get the results you desire.

Understanding Our ‍‍‍T‍‍‍raining Solutions:

BrandDisco©’s team of professional trainers are here to provide you with the expertise you need to get faster results. The advantage of using our in-house team of experts, is that researching where people thrive, who they attract and how they excel is our full time mission. This means we have a more intimate understanding of performance driven behaviors than our competitors with an insatiable appetite to help y‍‍‍our team(s) succeed.

The Benefits We Bring To The Table:


•Over 45+ years of combined Professional Leadership Experience with a hybrid of Military and Corporate d‍‍‍disciplines.

•Professional Coaching and Mentoring experience within various sectors and industries

•Diversified cognitive training styles through a hybrid of audio, visual aid and interactive learning methods

•‍‍‍Mastery of facilitation and presentation skills as key note speakers

•Proven track record with 5 Star-Reviews

•Use of BrandDisco©’s automated discovery tool for accurate early assessments

•In-house data and research reflecting industry best practices and relevant case studies

•Applied Learning: Audience effectiveness quizzes are used to ensure understanding