Everything leaders want to know in half the time

BrandDisco©'s personal brand translators makes it easier for HR Leaders & Program Managers to instantly discover their candidates’ highest & best values in 50% less time. Relatable to the modern workforce, candidates are able to quickly share their performance styles, personality types & social interests through an auto emailed report.


A technology solution for the modern workforce


Whether conducting prehire screening, workforce-development or performance evaluations, BrandDisco©'s on-demand insights are immediately delivered to help HR Leaders & Program Managers discover culture fits, learning styles, work preferences, or where talent fits best in & across their organizations.

BrandDisco© proudly supports the markets you serve

Whether your role consists of developing & managing, or directly hiring talent, BrandDisco© supports who you serve

Promote more human 2-way conversations

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In just minutes, BrandDisco© gives HR Leaders & Program Managers the power to know what to expect before the experience allowing them to promote more meaningful 2-way conversations with candidates in less time. Discover today, those traits that can usually take up to 6-months to reveal.

Data for daily decisions or delivering long term strategies

BrandDisco© pioneers to instantly close the communication gaps between mutually interested candidates & companies. Short, accurate & instant, BrandDisco©'s mobile-friendly, web based app, requires no hardware install or integration. Easy to use, explain & train, each report provides data for daily decision making or influencing long term strategies. With uniquely designed versions for Veterans, Military Spouses, Employees, College Students and more, on-demand insights are just a click away.


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