Teach Personal Branding Like A Pro Using Our NEW 5-in-1 60-Minute Online Course

BrandDisco©’s NEW 5-in-1 Online Course gives you the power to Assess, Train & Certify your people on EVERYTHING Personal Branding in just 60-minutes! This new signature course carefully guides your job-seekers through discovering their Personal Brand & value proposition, crafting winning elevator pitches, creating more compelling email introductions and acing job interviews right out of the gate! Customized to your organization’s brand, we empower you to make your training on personal branding an immediately more actionable secret weapon!

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5 reasons leaders are saying yes

  • No Instructor Facilitation Required!

  • Get Instant Notifications When YOUR Users Complete THE Course!

  • Build & Collect Statistical Data In One Place!

  • CustomIZED To Match YOUR Organization’s Brand!

  • No Install Required, Plug & Play Set Up!

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Use our assessments to learn where your people thrive, relate & excel within their roles

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BrandDisco©’s signature assessments give you the power to quickly assess how your people think, create & behave so you can understand where they’ll thrive, relate & excel professionally. While many assessments focus solely on providing you a result to include pages-upon-pages of static clinical jargon meaningless to your mission, BrandDisco©’s tools, support massive usage with onsite comprehensive feedback!

“The City of Winston-Salem secured the [BrandDisco©] assessments and coaching services and we have been pleased with the results we have achieved.”
- Carmen C., Human Resources Director

What We Mean By The Modern Workforce


We realize the workforce is not what it was, even five-years ago, and success looks equally different, from person to person.

This inspired us to design a signature collection of brand discovery tools to support a modern era of collaborators & contributors who wish to introduce new talents & perspectives, amidst age-old practices.

As a result, our tools capture & translate things like Value Proposition, 5-Top Take-Aways, Collaboration Value, Social Interests & so much more. All things not traditionally captured in other training tools.

See Our New Signature Personal Branding Course for Your Learners

“I believe the BrandDisco© Discovery process can enhance the way in which companies recruit the RIGHT talent for their organization. Resumes are important which helps to scaffold a potential employee, but this program solidifies WHO you’re dealing with.”
- Corey L., Doctoral Student in Psychology

Help Your People Ace Their Interviews Right Out Of The Gate

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With BrandDisco©’s Market Ready Reports

that allow your people to leverage & present winning take aways!

When you use the BrandDisco© assessment with your people, each person will receive instant ‘market-ready’ report summaries outlining their Top-5 Winning Take Aways that can be easily leveraged as key talking points to help them ace interviews faster and more often leaving them top of mind & first in line!

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Use Our Personal Branding Course To Show Your People How To Network Like A Pro

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Beyond the resume & many years of experience, we understand the ability for your people to present their best values effectively during networking is arguably something most professionals struggle with. BrandDisco©’s 5 in 1 Personal Branding Online Course is designed to help you solve this problem by taking your people through a 60-minute virtual experience which demonstrates how they can develop & market their distinct differentiators, winning advantages & top 5 take aways like a pro!

Learn More Now About BrandDisco©’s Personal Branding Online 60-Minute Course!

Our Tools Support A Global Community of Workforce Leaders


We Proudly Work With Workforce Leaders To Support Their Job-Seekers, Veterans, College Students, etc.

In recent years, our tools have aligned with Federal, County & Private Workforce Initiatives, at a national level:

A Proven Track Record You Can Count On

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Over the past few years, BrandDisco©’s dedicated team of professionals have worked hard to support the national & international efforts of its clients in supporting their workforce goals. See here a portfolio of our past performances.

10-Reasons Our Clients LOVE BrandDisco©

✔ Certified Coaches and Trainers as Your Support Team
✔ Fits Anywhere In Your Process
✔ Appeals to Diverse Learning Styles
✔ Online/On-Demand Trainings & Assessments
✔ Socially Relevant Training Content

✔ Real Time Data Intelligence
✔ Our Tools Are Your Tools
✔ Onsite Coaching Feedback
✔ Action Oriented Learning
✔ Certification with Each Training

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How Our Difference Is Making A Difference

-OUR DIFFERENCE is that we build high-impact digital training tools that give you the insights to discover, develop & MARKET your people vs. development alone. We found beyond developing great skills, leaders still faced a need to help their people utilize & market those top skills and this is where BrandDisco©’s tools answer the call!

-OUR PROMISE is to be the kind of partner who propels, promotes and powers-up your vision!

-OUR MODEL is simple, WE build the tools & YOU build the people!

-OUR MISSION is to help you translate your people’s hidden values into high impact success!

-OUR MOTTO is OUR Tools are YOUR Tools!

So what this means for you IS….

  • We’ll ensure you have access to any of our tools in less than 48-hours

  • We’ll be accessible for your questions, thoughts and new ideas, as your objectives evolve

  • We’ll have an opportunity to learn the needs of your organization’s specific culture

  • We’ll be open to helping you develop the most strategic ways to use our tools as your own

  • We’ll be 100% committed to supporting you in reaching your goals 50% faster

Are You Ready To Partner, Partner?

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When You Partner With Us We’ll Provide

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Why Partner With Us

We’re always seeking to grow with great partners

-Competitive Skill-sets: Our marketing-savvy team is comprised of Branding Experts, UX/UI Designers, Programmers, Business Development Gurus, etc., welcoming your new projects with open arms!

-Innovation Driven Culture: With a culture for innovation, we aim to build the most leading edge, future forward online development tools so that you can stay ahead of industry trends.

-Global Vision: Our products and programs are flexible enough to support your multi-purpose initiatives evolving with your global causes.

-Socio-Economic Growth: Our tools proudly give back to the economy by helping people find jobs faster, employers keep good-talent longer and businesses attract ideal customers better.

-Sound Leadership: With over 45+ Years of Corporate and Military Principles, our executive team brings a diverse array of proven leadership practices to the table, meaning you’re in good hands!

We’re always open to Investment Partners, Strategic Partners, and More! Contact Us to learn more!

What Clients Have To Say About Our Training Solutions

“All participants rated the training sessions as far beyond satisfactory. Each session was delivered in a professional, engaging manner, and the presenters were very personable and welcomed questions. The delivery was excellent, informative, thought-provoking, and attention grabbing.
We measure training as being effective by whether we will reference and use the training again, and the answer to that question with Brand Disco is YES!”
— Brenda H., HR Talent Development, City of Winston Salem
After reviewing the surveys from the seminar, the response was overwhelmingly positive! The PMI-Metrolina Chapter will be working with BrandDisco in 2019 to bring additional sessions to our chapter members.
— Branden L. C.

BrandDisco© Proudly Serves Many Top Companies