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Specializing in providing Leadership Development across 5 Centers of Excellence, we offer a modern approach to traditional training by infusing real-time data with on-site coaching for more engaging experiences. Our advanced approach promises each participant a deeply personalized, yet inclusive learning experience, with demonstrated effectiveness & increased relatability whether 1 or 1,000 attendees are present. Through automated Brand Discovery™ assessments & certified trainers, our mission is to transform hidden potential into high impact success.

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Supported by talent data-intelligence reports, our instructor-led trainings can provide your people with uniquely personalized and relevant experiences within group settings - which also include actionable next steps.


Designed to help navigate the learning needs of a modern workforce, our certified trainers specialize in 5-Centers of Excellence, to help your people better understand & leverage how they think create and behave at various points in their careers. (I.e. Career Readiness, Professional Development, Leadership Development, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, etc.)

With a proven team of passionate, esteemed and skilled trainers who bring years of experience to the table, we look forward to meeting, developing and providing your people, leaders and teams with lasting results.

We welcome you to take full advantage of our Professional Development and Specialty Training Solutions, or secure our Brand Discovery ™ Talent Assessments as a do-it-yourself, stand-alone option.

We Provide data that reveals how people think, create & behave


Many organizations don’t realize the data they’re currently collecting, has significant impacts on its hiring & retention outcomes. Beyond candidate screening & hiring decisions, data can also be used to influence a new hire’s employment experience, or later used for benchmarking future talent, strategic recruiting, forecasting, or internal mobility. BrandDisco©’s proven team of data experts can show your leaders how to use their current data sources more systemically across the entire organization to better translate patterns, trends & insights.

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BrandDisco©’s proven team of personal branding & social intelligence experts can help your company create, implement & automate those new initiatives, or support your existing efforts. Read More…


Built for the modern workforce, BrandDisco© offers 24-hr. access to a full suite of automated resources promising leaders transformative outcomes in just 8 questions, in under 2 minutes & with instant results! Read More…


Sometimes the best solution, calls for customization & BrandDisco©’s proven team will deliver. Our domain of expertise involves end to end automation & leadership development tools. Read More…

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