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At BrandDisco©, we believe talent assessments shouldn’t consist of endless questions, take hours to complete, or require a psychological degree to translate what HR Leaders need to know on-demand. Instead, we’ve introduced an automated personal brand assessment to help HR Leaders instantly discover where their military talent fits best within a civilian work culture. In just 8-questions, under 2 minutes & with auto feedback, BrandDisco© provides the expert insights needed to make sense of military hiring.

We Make Military to Civilian Transition Easy

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Faster, simpler & better talent management

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Our products offer leaders more than an assessment. BrandDisco©’s auto feedback reports issue comprehensive intuitive data that can be used along with a simple 1 page action guide to help meet a wide variety of talent objectives. This feature allows leaders to apply BrandDisco©’s feedback results at an expert level, without missing a beat.

When you get started, you’ll receive:

  • Military Assessments Access Link

  • Instantly Emailed Feedback Reports

  • 1-Page User Action Guides & Tool Suite

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BrandDisco© has a strict focus on military workforce readiness initiatives & has used its military tools to help leaders bridge communication gaps between transitioning veterans & interested employers nationwide. Learn More.

Understanding the role data plays in military hiring and retention


Many employers don’t realize the military data they’re currently collecting, has significant impacts on its military hiring & retention program outcomes. Beyond candidate screening & hiring decisions, this data can also be used to influence a military new hire’s employment experience, or later used for benchmarking future talent, strategic hiring, forecasting or succession planning. BrandDisco©’s proven team of data experts can show your HR Leaders how to use their military data sources more systemically across the entire organization.

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Built for the modern workforce, BrandDisco© offers 24-hr. access to a full suite of automated resources promising leaders transformative outcomes in just 8 questions, in under 2 minutes & with instant results! Read More…


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BrandDisco©’s proven team of personal branding & social intelligence experts can help your company create, implement & automate those new initiatives, or support your existing efforts. Read More…

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